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What Radio Station do you listen to?


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Post some info about what local radio stations you listen to at what times and for what reasons. The rest of us can then listen in as well if we so wish via Internet streams.


Friday's @ 4-6pm AEST is when Hamish and Andy are on Fox FM (101.9) or I'll get the podcast if I miss it.



When in the car I'll also channel surf between Smooth FM, Mix 80's, Mix 90's, and Gorilla Radio (Trance station)


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Theres a few really.


Theres the main UK/Scotland ones by the BBC (BBC Radio scotland, BBC Radio 1 & 2)


Theres the Local ones, one of which ive stopped listening to since it's been linked up to a natinal one in Glasgow, now it's lost its charm as it switches from Aberdeen then to glasgow. (Thats Northsound for you Scot's out there)


And theses the Local local one, NECR (North East Community Radio) which I personally like the most. Places all sorts of music and local. Also can pick it up near enough anywhere in Aberdeenshire. The presenters all have a accent too ;)

Linky here to NECR

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In my area, all the radio stations are in Mexico so almost all the stations are played in Spanish, and the ones that actually speak english are rubbish. I found the tune-in radio app so I use that to listen to 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles which is a couple hours away. My dad used to listen to it when we lived in the LA area a long time ago and it plays all the great classic rock you could think of, they play and they throw in some rock thats a bit more recent


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Radio 1 for half of the commute each way to/from work. I say half because my car only picks it up once I'm closer to built up areas.


Would probably listen to Kerrang otherwise, but you can only either get it on DAB or if you're closer to somewhere near Birmingham I think.

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