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A letter from Eudemon.org / 一封遥远的信


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Dear our beloved members,


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I have completed a major system overhaul; this has fixed varies of bugs while introducing many new features.

Below is a list of new features (included but not limited to):

·         Major layout change, this might take some time to get used to.

·         New modern easier to use Editor across the whole site, with new features like @someone.

·         Activity Streams and Menu Manager for you to keep track of all your activities around our site.

·         Auto change site language based on your system language, currently we support English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (I plan to work on Japanese whenever I have time).

·         Auto show posted content after entering title on posting page to prevent duplicate.

·         Compatibility with devices smartphones, tablets.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am actively looking for site administrator and Facebook / Twitter posters to help manage our community, if you’re interested please contact me by in-site private message. In exchange, I will reward you with gift cards and / or Japanese goodies periodically.




·         外观的大翻新,这可能需要一点时间去适应。

·         更现代跟简易的编辑栏,包含了新功能如@某人。

·         活动栏跟菜单管理,让你更容易跟踪你在网站所有角落的动作。

·         网站会自动根据你的系统语言更换,目前我们支持英文,简体中文和繁体中文(在时间允许下我打算提供日文翻译)。

·         在输入标题后自动显示已发过的内容,以防重复发布。

·         增加了与智能手机和平板电脑的兼容。

借此机会我想顺便宣布,我在积极寻找网站管理员和Facebook / Twitter发布员来帮助我们运营我们的社区,如果你有兴趣请使用站内短信联系我。作为交换,我会时不时提供礼品卡和/或者日本相关的特典作为奖励给你。






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其实我不是很明白, Eudemon的定位究竟是什么呢?





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