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    • By Eudemon
      We'd like to warmly welcome everyone from the TDU World community to TurboDuck.net!
      The TDU World community forums have been merged with the TurboDuck.net forums this weekend.  This includes topics, posts, users, notifications, private messages, attachments, avatars, status, warnings, reputations, follows, likes, tags... you get the idea. 
      In the event that you had accounts on TDU World and TurboDuck.net before (based on email address), these have been automatically merged for you. (If you have account on both site and used different email address, wish to merge your account, feel free to contact us). If somebody else on TurboDuck.net had already taken your TDU World username, you will have a unique string of random numbers added to it.  All members have temporarily been granted the ability to change their usernames following this merge. To do so, visit your profile page.
      Merged users can login to TurboDuck.net using their TDU World username/email address and password.  If you encounter any problems, please let us know so that we can assist.  
      So, who's who from TDU World and what do they do?
      The TDU World community is best known for their ongoing work in building a community server for Test Drive Unlimited 2.  This will allow players who have legally purchased TDU2 for PC to play the game online again.  The project aims to restore free-drive multiplayer, online races, clubs, casino, and more.  Also to be included are a custom launcher and large collection of vehicle mods, similar to TDU Platinum and Project Paradise for TDU1.
      Founder & Project Manager
      Co-Founder & Project Manager
      @blurredpixel, @derole1595641360, @Maru1595641363, @Panuchi
      Server Developers
      TDU World Previews

      If you would like to discuss the TDU World project, we encourage you to visit the TDU2 Mod Shop or TDU World Club. 
      Please note that TDU World is in development and therefore is not available to download yet.
    • By Eudemon
      Here is where we will post about the updates and changes we make on here to either keep the software up to date, or to introduce (and try out) new features and functions. If you discover an issue with any of the below or wish to ask or suggest something, then please use the linked forums to do so. 🙂 We're always willing and waiting to hear from our community.
      28th Feb
      – Created a new tabbed Activity block in the forum home sidebar that shows the most recent non-Mod Shop replies, topics and popular topics
      26-27th Feb
      – Updated the Modders group to be able to edit their threads and posts for an unlimited amount of time in the Mod Shop forums
      – Added ability for 'tduck team' (ie: staff) members to be able to change the edit time limit for individual posts when required
      – Moved all old non-important topics from the News forum to News (Archives)
      22nd Feb
      – Went LIVE with tduck version 3 on Xenforo
      – Installed a media pack that supports the display of content from popular media site links automatically
    • By Ryzza5
      On 1 August 2019, the online multiplayer servers for the ORIGINAL (not Remastered) version of Burnout Paradise will be retired - affecting PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.
      Players can still enjoy the game offline but will be unable to play with friends online or acquire Trophies/Achievements that require online connectivity.
      Servers for the Remastered edition of Burnout Paradise will not be affected and will continue to work.
    • By Nodz86
      Xbox Live Service Maintenance
      On Tuesday, June 16th from 7:01AM UTC (12:01 AM PST) for up to 24 hours, Xbox Live will be offline for maintenance. As a result, Xbox LIVE and the ‘My Xbox’ section of Xbox.com will be unavailable, and the Xbox forums will be in read only mode (you won’t be able to post.)
      The remainder of Xbox.com will be available with limited interruptions.
      This service maintenance is to prepare for some of the recently announced features that will be available later this year.
      Let me reiterate: When the service returns, you will not have any new functions or features. This is for scheduled maintenance only.
      From Major Nelson
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