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Prophecy's Horizon coverage.

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So I got busy with work and such, its so hard to keep up an online presence AND real life lol, took some new photos tonight, might take some more a bit later too.


First up, this set that I actually did a few weeks ago but never got around to even downloading from the storefront-



Then this one that I also took a few weeks ago.




NOW were up to date, the following were taken this evening lol.











A wild Superveloce appears.








http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157632169528694/


AAAND finally, one I just took because the light was AWESOME and I was on my way to take photos of the car anyway, not up on that road again, dont worry, I was heading somewhere a little less barren XD




Let me know your thoughts, and remember, the links contain photos that werent posted here :)

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Thanks guys :) Heres another set lol. I just love this LP570-4 Performante so much, such a gorgeous design.



I beg to differ

























http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157632169528692/


Oh and also, me being a big Toyota fan, I couldnt resist...






edit: Fixed the ride height, added some TE37V's and made a lip :)




As usual, please take the time to click the link to see the set on flickr as theres more there that arent posted here, thanks for stopping by, much appreciated :)

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Tried something new last night and did some landscapes- some feedback would be great (on these AND the lambo photos above XD), but im pretty happy with them and will continue to experiment with more landscapes from time to time :)



Thats all of them, but theyre best viewed at their full resolution, hence the link.


So yeah, please let me know what you think, and thanks again for stopping by :)

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Ford GTX-1


Can I just start buy saying- what a glorious car this is. I liked the look of it, but was expecting it to be much the same as the hardtop GT. It feels great, it sounds amazing, its BLOODY fast, and I love it from every angle. I had a lot of fun shooting this one and i'm sure i'll shoot it again :)



As usual, the link contains more photos that arent posted here, and of course, the full resolutions. Let me know what you thought, I appreciate any and all feedback, and thanks a lot for taking a look :)

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