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ETS2 Screenshot Thread

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Just hit the 200,000 euro mark yesterday, and also reached Scotland, Austria, and Czech Republic for the first time after adding a Long Distance skill point.


Driving through Switzerland was also very nice (was held up by a long line of traffic behind another truck though) :)























Through Austria (nice smooth roads there):















And I have absolutely no idea how I did this (waited for all cars to go past before moving):





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It's very good (if you have a wheel), has kept me away from Forza Horizon a bit. Road network is a lot bigger than FH's for starters :p


Not sure which brands are fake in the game but there willl probably be mods to change the fake ones anyway

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Nice shots! :)


I've been tempted to get this soon, working on trucks at work(Mercs, DAF's and MAN's) and will be getting put on my HGV license in the next 3 years.


Is there a demo out? Would like to see if it runs on my PC. :)

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I've just realised how many city's are in the game, and how Aberdeen is one of them! :D Will be good to see if it's at least based on it in someday. Also Mercedes is't an licensed brand in the game? or like DAF has it been added in in a patch?


Need to install the demo on the PC when im next on it(netbook wont run it) to see if the PC can run it.

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