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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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It was great cruise yeterday :p


A couple of things.

1st In V0.3 multiplayer races are disabled. We all know that it doesn't work but at least it's possible to do test run. I asked Lean about it and he said he can make multiplayer races as an option. For me and other people TDU was about racing. Every week we used to race for 3-4 hours.



And high position in ranings :]


As you can see 100% time in races. Please enable races as it was in V0.2. Also on the other forum we want to do something like challenge of the week where we choose track and car and we compete with each other.



2nd, is it possible to move this fuel meter to the left or right?


For me, it's really annoying when it's above gauges.


3. Is it possible to fix meter in the car? If you have about 30-31k it works when you drive 180+ km/h

Yesterday meter showed 32k on my third S7




See ya on the road!

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Thats Zoqqer's Cockpit_LR bug, hes got missing dummys inside the COCK_LR thats why there are ugly flying ppl on the map



if u use his mod rob u got the same prob bro, and i can bet 100bucks

It neva shows up wenn u drive with the car bec wenn u drive the game loads the I.bnk, wenn u see other ppl the game always loads the Cockpit_LR


Edit 2: even if u reinstall the mod it will not be fixed bec the Bnk have a dummys missing

So if u dont want flying ppl in game best fix is del the mod and wait until zoqqer updates it ;)

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I have a problem ... Sometimes when I launch TDU I encounter an error , the program is not responding . If I try to launch the game for second time it works , but here is the big problem . Is the second time when my game asks me for cd key and deletes my game progression . Did this happened to you guys ? Let me know

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