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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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I was bored and decided to look through threads on forzacentral.com and I found a list of cars that were going to be DLC for this game


AC Cobra 427 '66

Ferrari 308 GTB QuattroValvole

Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari F599 GTB

General Motors Chevrolet® Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe Concept '04

General Motors Chevrolet® Corvette® '63

Lamborghini Miura Jota

Mazda MX-5 Miata '06

Mazda RX-8

Wiesmann GT MF4

Yes! Roadster

Those were cars that were confirmed but never released and then there was the ones that got cut for licencing issues

"Some stuff from the good old days before things changed:


original German Independents Showroom. Notice the Lotec logo on the shutter besides the RUF and Wiesmann one. Sadly the Sirius was never released:




original Japanese Motorcycle Specialist, before Yamaha and Suzuki pulled out of the game:




original House Garage design. Notice the logos, sadly an licensing agreement with those two could never be finalized:"


-BADNED, Feb 17, 2009.

You can kinda get a glimpse of the picture of the Lotec Sirius behind the tree up stairs and the Wiesmann GT on the wall in the first image. I'm not really a Motorcycle guy so I can't identify any of the bikes in the pictures. If you've played the XBOX 360 version of this game and you did the glitch with the Volume 6 car pack, you will remember seeing the name HONDA_CBR_600 if the last car you were driving was a car from the Vol. 6 pack, we don't know if there were supposed to be Honda cars in this game. As for BMW we don't really know much other than the brand was cut due to licencing issues.

On the Rabcat website you will see pictures of the cars they have modeled and the list of cars they have modelled, you'll see the Corvette C2, 308 GTB, Miura Jota and Wiesmann GT in the picture of all the modellings and in the list you will see "Audi A6 4.2 S Line Exterior Package" and "Audi A6 S Line Sports Package Plus" what does this mean? maybe there were originally going to be factory customization options? Here are some pictures of the AC 427 http://carsmedia.ign.com/cars/image/article/712/712214/test-drive-unlimited-ac-cobra-revealed--20060612031322639.jpg




And a video of the game in pre production which shows the Mazda RX-8

you will see it at 4:00 when they start a race. There was a picture of a Mercedes C111 on the wall in the Pagani Dealer Test Drive Unlimited - Screenshots - 41 of 650 - GamersHell.com Here is a picture of a Yes! Roadster http://robson.m3rlin.org/cars/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/yes-roadster-32-turbo-2008-4.jpg

If the way the cars are added to the game are anything like in TDU 2 with a certain number of "slots" I think we can get these cars in here(Remember the TDU 1 Community Patch?) Totally sorry for the long post, but I'm sure it was worth it :)


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Well, I am not a Speeder, but see how will things work. :)

In this Project Paradise addon, there is alot of changes that disables some major checks in-game, so I think there will be possible to play with TDUPE, but not 2.5, maybe 2.77..

And environment mods, god.. Ofcourse, it's your game graphics (in-game graphic), and it will not take any effect to other players on the server, same like on server by himself.

Enjoy mate :)

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