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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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More fuel consumption would be nice. It seems to take ages to drain the tank at all. Also, what variables are affecting it at the moment?

More consumption? I don't know what you are doing, but usually it take me less than 100km to empty the tank, so a little less consumption would be nice. Once the tank even was empty after just 70km. Long cruising tours are impossible with that, except you only drive from gas station to gas station. So unfortunately I had to turn off the fuel option.

Maybe it's because I drive with keyboard and according to this I cannot adjust the throttle, it's only binary, 1 or 0, pedal-to-the-metal or nothing. So I always drive around with full throttle what maybe tells the fuel option to drain the tank in minimum time.

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I assume NA cars use more fuel than FI ones?


Well, I mean, if we want to go that far, I'm behind it.




I don't have much time to play, so I don't really get to do big massive drives like I used to. I do maybe 50km in a car, at the most, then switch to another. I see your point, though. Maybe it would be good as an option then?

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*Solo Races (-races): enable Solo races in Hardcore Mode


Wait! What!?! Does this mean you can do the single player stuff that going HC used to prevent you doing?


Can you now do stuff like Tantalus in HC??


NB: Tantalus was the first SP race that sprang to mind, the chances of me completing it in HC are woefully slim

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I have some questions concerning the G27 patch.


First: Is it possible to make the RPM lights more dependend on the actual RPM of the car and its max RPM? Because there are some cars which rev 8000 rpm and the red lights on the G27 are already on when you hit 6000 or 6500 rpm. Even wider is this gap when you're riding bikes.


Second: The first green lights sometimes do not turn off when you quit the game and your car was turned on before. Is that possible to fix?


But altogether it works great!


And it seems like that manual port forwarding and the deactivation of UPnP in the PP Launcher let me join others faster.

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