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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]

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[sorry if this ends up a double post but my browser lagged itself to death somehow...]


Greetings to all devs, staff, other members and whoever else might be around.


Wanted to register and drop by for two reasons. Primarily to give my thanks to the group that created this brilliant revival mod but also to seek some help.

Now, when I heard that this title's MP mode was back on its legs, I rushed to get the g.ame reinstalled, got the mod, made a profile according to instructions, all was working flawlessly.


Fast forward few days to when 0.3a came out, that ended up working fine as well.

Didn't play for about 3 days, then decided to come back and do some racing.

To my surprise, I discovered the g.ame no longer wants to connect to servers. Screenshot ->




So yeah, if possible I would like to receive some form of assistance in this matter. On top of that, I seem to be not the only one to come across this issue.


I've already done a fair amount of troubleshooting as well. Disabled/removed all mods and g.ame data edits [HD patch etc], command line switches and starting params, forwarded ports in my hub config, even reinstalled the g.ame completely, reverting it back to vanilla state with just the MP mod in. Even killed any process that would interfere with the g.ame in slightest way, like steam, skype, irc, fraps, etc.

Still wouldn't work no matter what I tried.


In the end I decided to register here as an ultimate attempt at getting this g.ame to work. Looking forward to getting this sorted out one way or the other.

Otherwise, it's been fun while it lasted.

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Don't know if this earns me a ban or not but yes, I am using a no-cd exe. Only because my DVD drive is currently busted.

However, I do own the g.ame on retail and can prove it, should someone feel it would be necessary. I've used the no-cd ever since I started playing online with the mod [17the of november to be precise] and all worked fine.

If this is the developers' idea to get rid of pirates from TDU then fair enough, I can't do much until I get a new drive.

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Well i already tryd working on the TDU map a few days ago ^^ , I guess it would work if we had a new export filter update for the Zmod ^^


Wow! Just wow! Haha... I particularly find very interesting the idea of taking the TDU2 Oahu and swap it to our beloved TDU1 :p

As Qwerty said, the smoother roads from TDU2 would be awesome for HC players! Specially for those who like to drift in the mountains. And the addition of the new areas that even I don't know about (I played TDU2 for 4 months tops LOL).


Another thing I was wondering. Does anybody has the locations of every single Gas Stations on the map? We know that Oahu lack of Gas Stations. Specially at the top of the map. If could be placed one at that 'Mini City' over there. The one with a Marina, it could be a new meeting point too for a mountain cruise. It has a car park, a nice view of the Marina and an empty space where a Gas Station could be placed :)


The location is called 'Pa a La a Kai':









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If you do ever get to export TDU2's Oahu to TDU1, could you re-add the walls of the racetrack? TDU2's oahu racetrack (thé track, south) misses all the walls etc compared to TDU1. Imo it kinda killed the feeling of a real track.

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That's the exact same spot I used in the picture. :D


Lol. I didn't saw your post untill now. I don't see the forum very often. But in your picture the Gas Station is like 45º to the edge of the road. What I have in mind was placing it attached to the edge of the road just like any other Gas Station hehe ;)

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wow ?


hey peeps. long time cruiser here. Phil (know as Duke227) is asking me if this is for real. so... is it? Would it be worth re-connecting my wheel this weekend? If it was I'd play ALL weekend long.



Your friend (since 2007)




- also known as Rob

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I downloaded the mod, created a new profile but after I choose my house and go to the first race, I enter the race and nothing happens.


Single races in multiplayer isnt working yet?




Same here but with an existing profile. They don't work for me either.

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