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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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Guest .:TestDriver:.
Same here but with an existing profile. They don't work for me either.


Hello. Please buy the game if you can. I solved the problem with unchecking the "Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode" in my Windows 8.

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Hello! :)


First of all: Thank You Speeder, lean and Milli for revive TDU! Tried it Yesterday and there are many cars in the streets! :) 50 People online! Awesome!


But even if i saw ppl obvious racing around, i ask myself: How do they do that? Thats why im here, to ask that question. Theres no way to "Create" or play any Races with other players online. I can play the Solo stuff and drive around with other players but no racing at all. So... how do they do it? I miss something?


Instant challenge is working :) but its limited to 5,5KM (?). Is there a way to remove this limitation to have at least a 2 player race? Or do ppl spawn at, lets say "Forza Tuner", and make a GPS at the "Lexus Store" and someone is horn 3 times and go...? I have no idea but would like to know that :)


So please tell me: How do you guys (and girls) race around?


Oh and please dont care about my english skills... thx :)

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@ Karacho: Multiplayer Races are disabled for now (until they get back online if that's possible :p).

But the instant challenge limit will be removed when the next update will be online. :D



Can you enable it again? As long as it's possible to do test run and it doesn't cause any problems please enable it as it was in v0.2. For many people this game was about racing only ( including me )

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Ok guys and gals.


In offline times, you wanted force feedback in TDU with your g 27 wheel.

So what did you do.

You patched your game, for being able to install and use mods.

But with this new patch, the force feedback went in vacation.

And then you swapped the old TDU.exe back in,

for having the force feedback again, AND being able to use mods.

But remember, with the old TDU.exe there is no online available.

You didn't care about that in offline times.


But now, there is online server available again.

So i guess for those, where it did not work, you maybe just have the old TDU.exe in your game,

and wonder Why it does not work online, you have the latest patch.


In this case, you need to patch your game again, to have the manyplayer TDU.exe.

And THEN install the g27 support from here.


Maybe this helped.


Greeting all, Tinnio

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Ok guys and girls alot players been asking me/us how we communicate in game or outside, bastage.net is the Team Speak server we use, its for free and evrybody is welcome and free to join, so just install Team Speak 3 enter this address bastage.net and enter ur TDU ingame username and let the party begin. CYA IN TS AND ON THE MAP

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Guest .:TestDriver:.

@SPEEDER When I cruise around in the yellow area (which is shown in the image below), TDU finds lots of players but when I enter the red areas no one appears and all players become hidden and no signs of them are available even in the game's GPS, although they are shown in the map. I tried to play with my friend,MTV. when I and he get to a same place, I can see him in the map and he can see me in the map,too but even after minutes we cant see the car of each other. last night we tried to play and I saw his car near me but suddenly vanished. I think it's a server error or something. Please fix it.


There is an other notice,too. When I see the online players list I sometimes can see an item named "Session" even when no one appears to be online in the GPS of the game, what is that?



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