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Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!]


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Awesome addition to TDU Platinum. I encounter a small issue : I cannot use fuel mode in offline, and for the moment, I only want to play offline. If I uncheck the offline mode box in the launcher menu, the fuel bar does not appear anymore.

Do you have a turnaround to fix manually this issue ?

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Beside what yitianetie mentioned, another issue is that there is no traffic/bots in this setup:


(same happen when all is unticked)

Game is ran on Linux via Wine. (same as  yitianetie ?)

The process command line is: TestDriveUnlimited.exe -fps -bigbnks -races
I have verified that the Traffic folder + files is there in Euro/Bnk/Vehicules. @Djey

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:14 PM, roodsta said:

i have a problem, i can only connect to 1 player at a time, as in if theres multiple people in a session only 1 is properly connected to me, sorry if this has been already asked 

Looks like this player didn't find a solution, or gave up or something, since they didn't visit this forum almost for a year. I have the same issue since I've started playing some months ago. My upnp.txt file says port 8889 successfully opened every time I enter (otherwise I wouldn't be able to play online probably) but I can only connect to one person which is the top of the freeroam drivers list, others got the "-/ /-" symbol on their names and the names are white colored except the player I'd be able to connect. Tried some things with my modem but ZTE's aren't user friendly. I play using wi-fi, not able to connect a cable at the moment, can this be the core of this issue? 

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