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D999G: Time_Cycle '2013 [Day to Night mod]


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--- Post Updated ---


Great Mod !.

How long are twenty-four hours with this mod? 3 Minutes like in your video?


about 20 real minutes - 24 hours.



I make new mod of time cycle with HDR, it's will be better than old version.

I fix some bugs and make most beauty and real mod.

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Go to options in main menu, then control settings, go to warnlights.

Push AND HOLD the button you use for the light,

While holding it, click with the mouse on warnlights.

If it asks you to push the button, release the button.

Ingame the game then thinks, releasing the button meens lights on.

And this is all you have to do for the lights being on permanently,

keeping the button released, wich meens, nothing to do.

Trick done.


By the way, nice mod.

Great colour selection, allthough it is a bit strange the trees are green one time,

and orange at another time, but hey.

I've seen you forgot to adjust the sunspecularcolour when it is twillight,

in wich some parts (rearbumper) shine.

You know , in one picture those parts in the twillight, shine with the same colour,

like in the evening, but all other things don't.

No critic, just a tip.


I know this weather is not easy to do.

So many settings.

You put up some nice moods there, the pictures seen only.

You maybe understand, why i won't test it by myself :-) .

Salut, and good progress.




ıt ıs really nice but how we can turn on the lights at night?
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