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New hardware standard for better smoke and trees shown.

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Intel has displayed new things for DX11.1 to improve tire-smoke and tree rendering.

No more smoke clipping cars and ground during donuts, and no more leaf/smoke popping. :thumbsup:

As a bonus they say it's only a 5-10% performance loss instead of the usual around 80% ..win win. :)

But for now hardware support is by new Intel GPU, no AMD or NVIDIA (yet?).

Exclusive interview with Richard Huddy about Intel moving beyond DX | KitGuru



"Existing solutions for real-time volumetric shadowing exhibit slicing artifacts due to non-adaptive sampling, cover only a limited depth range, or are limited to one type of media (e.g., only hair, only smoke, etc)"


(AVSM) adaptive Volumetric Shadow Maps and__ (AOIT) Adaptive Order Independent Transparency.

https://diglib.eg.org/EG/CGF/volume29/issue4/MM/v29i4pp1289-1296/avsm_egsr_video_final_affiliation.wmv (popping comparison)

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Looks alright, but I'm not seeing the point just yet. Intel doesn't make gaming GPU's (they're a competitor to AMD/nVidia), they don't make DirectX (Microsoft does), and they don't make any games. Guess they're just showing off.


Shame they couldn't make the car physics look more realistic at the same time :p

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