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TDU2 Hardcore


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I Apply for the team. I play TDU2 since the beggining and always thought that car's physics is its weakest aspect. I hadn't play TDU1 much but I have experience in building setups for games such as rFactor. Furthermore I can edit database and help you find new stuff. My TDU2 nickname is Xarlith.


So, how much do you pay per car? Just joking :twisted:


Oh, i forgot to mention. I m using Xbox Controller, G27 very rarely.

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I like to join the H Mode creator Team


I played TDU1 since 2008 till the day the server was shot down and I play TDU2 from the beginning. I loved playing TDU1 in H mode. I played TDU1 with a g25 wheel till its broke. Now I´m Playing TDU2 with an T500RS wheel and a TH8 RS shifter nearly every day and I thing I´m not such a bad driver. My Player Name in TDU1 changed a lot. But for some time my name was Veno_TDU and Veno_GER. My name in TDU2 is Veno.


I also have some experience in making setups, playing rFactor 1 and rFactor 2.

I hope a can join your team and I can help you to bring this thing on its way.


Greetings Veno

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@Xarlith & Veno

Noticed, i will tell you my decision soon.


Good to hear that, i would love to have your sound mods released !


As i already said working hard on it to bring back the HC Mode to TDU Series

Thinking of what Jorgemodek said, we will need a Place to talk to each other.

Where i can publish my tool, tutorials and we (the Hardcore Team) can exchange our setups and Knowledge.

Do you think it would be possible to have a special section here on turboduck forums where only we (the Team) have access to ?

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Hmm i think if u wanna talk to me you can join our TS Server but We will definetly need a Place for the Team.

Not all are online at the same time and Talking like TS or Skype is not possible all the time.

Better to have a place where all can inform others at any time.

And by the way, that project will take long time and i dont think it depends if 2 or 3 weeks less anyway.

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Yeah but in skype you can create a room for the team and share files quickly

About big annoucments for the entire team you can do that here


For example ... At friday be all be at skype by around 21:00 ... (example)


and for working and speaking/typing toghether its the best way really ... Ts you can Only talk and not share info + i dont think we can all speak english like we type


Its just my suggestion

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ye okay i dont use skype and havent in mind that type(chatting) is possible there.

But that is also possible in TS and sharing files also.

But i wanted to have a private platform for the team because, i can only talk 4 myself (i dont want to be online at specific times)

I am a friend of doing things when i have time and fun to do so and i dont have much time.

I dont want to make announcements in a public area for that specific Project.

If its not possible here at turboduck i would create a new foum for that.

But we will see how it goes, ill take a look at skype and how to create a room, such things.


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News update:

At first i want to say welcome to our new "TDU2 HC Creator" Team Member:






The Tool for the Team is right now under heavy developtment.

On Sunday i talked to a friend "dOs" and he showed me that hes working hard on it.

So i decided to let him developt the HC creator team Tool.

We are now in the Phase of thinking what has to be in the tool to build good setups.

I will inform you if there are any news to it.

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