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Before it's getting too offtopic here, which version of tdu2 are you running? I remember that after DLC1 was released all the sticker-maps. which you have to unlock ingame (like the copstickers) where gone. They fixed it with a later patch. So maybe you only need to update your game, if you are running it offline only.

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Despite the fact that the original modders are gone away from a long time ago (I suppose), I wanted to thank you for the work, love and dedication to patch this game and make it more complete, more en

Thanks @Kikwik It was great working on it with @Xarlith and @Jorgemodek. The LP570-4 is still one of my favourite mods I've done.   

-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- TDU2:UP v0.4 March 31, 2014   The main target of this project is to fix many little bugs which were left by developers. Since Eden Games is closed we

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If you want R8 dashboard without V10 emblem you have to unpack TDU and apply patch for unpacked game. As i wrote in the first post patch for retail version has some limitations - no fixed interiors and no new sounds, no new rims.


R8 sound is straight from the game if someone will make better sound it can be replaced.




Have fun!

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obliged[/color] to install every part of the patch.


I do not see a reason for this, but since this is your application and choice ..... . Anyway, I have a few files modified by myself and I really don't wanna to replace them, so at least can you tell me what files are modified.

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I've found 2 minor points:

- theres is a little bug withe the hot rod, in higher rev's the sound does not match the actual engine rev's...

- i was not able to repaint the mustang v6 premium, only could choose from the color type (flat, gloss, metallic). after exiting sticker-shop the car turned black again, as i bought it at UCD

Besides that and the already known bugs (again) this patch is great! Thanks a lot!

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