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Despite the fact that the original modders are gone away from a long time ago (I suppose), I wanted to thank you for the work, love and dedication to patch this game and make it more complete, more en

Thanks @Kikwik It was great working on it with @Xarlith and @Jorgemodek. The LP570-4 is still one of my favourite mods I've done.   

-- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- TDU2:UP v0.4 March 31, 2014   The main target of this project is to fix many little bugs which were left by developers. Since Eden Games is closed we

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At first and foremost: Very huge Thank you to the TDU2UP-team. Great work! And guys you are working with lightspeed in comparison to Atari/Eden, when i remember that they needed nearly a year between DLC1 and DLC2. :D


One question: Are there important changes in the commoncar.bnk or can i swap back my old one? (I would like to keep my custommade licenceplate, and swapping back the old commoncar.bnk would be the easiest way.)

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Last night I was thinking about this TDU2UP: "When will it has version 0.3?" Its like someone answered to me "Soon :D "


And I just opened this site, WOW! Version 0.3 is ready! Right, downloading now, I will enjoy the F430 and F12 :)


Thank you to all great peoples involved. I can only try and give review on the cars.




I have bought the new cars. And here are my opinions on them.


Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: fast and furious! Deserves the A1 class unlike that slow 599, its predecessor. This FR car starts like a 4WD car!


Ferrari F430: slower than 430 Scuderia Modena (coupe) and Spider 16M, but still, like all other fast Ferrari-s, it stings! Very fast for its class.


Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: What other muscle car can run fast and also turn well like this one? Nice car! Need more color.


Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8: Still not as fast as Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG, but not bad. Better than that Hummer H3. Need more color.


Nissan Skyline GT-R R34: Not bad, more color is better. Often oversteers.


Saleen S5S Raptor: We only need more color.


Saleen S7 TT Competition: Uhhhh double spoiler? One is above the other...


Audi R8 4.2 Coupe: Now I don't need to worry about color... Serves well as the most standard Audi R8 generation with 4.2 Litres V8 engine. Not too slow and also no longer understeers too much. That is what I call a beautiful car. Looks well, drives well.


Shelby GT500 KR: Whoa I lost grip many times when turning with this car, it almost flipped every single time I turn in high speed! Ex: When I turn to the right, the right side wheels raise and the car almost roll like a snowball. No paint and auto transmission problems anymore.


Lamborghini Countach: Woa the spoiler disappeared like ghost! And did you change the wheeldrive from RWD to 4WD? From Wikipedia, its RWD. Maybe not as aggressive as before. Yesterday I tried to burnout and it spins around like Tasmanian Devil, but today it is as tame as a police dog. No more problem about paint and auto transmission.


Chrysler 300C SRT8: Nuff said, I love the paints. I love how it drives. But it is slower than most of A4 cars. Didn't find the police model yet since I haven't started any chase.


Spyker D12: Not so different than D8, only faster and more powerful.


Spyker C8 Aileron: I prefer this coupe than the spyder. Seriously, orange roof??? But I hate driving with opened roof and black softtop roof looks better... Luckily this coupe is here. For me, coupe is better than spyder. Personally.


Hot Rod: finally I can close its windows XD


Nissan 370Z Nismo: Aaaahhh... Great car... Not even Subaru Impreza can do better time in races than this car. I prefer this than that stupid yellow one.


Ford Mustang V6 Premium: Geez... Mustang GT has never been this low and slow...


Audi RS5: my choice for some tournament races. Nice car.

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