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The Crew {DT} - Ivory Tower & Ubisoft Reflections do a Racer where you go Cruisin' USA!


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[uPDATE #1: 2nd June 2013]


The Crew, le jeu de course Ubisoft : nos infos - Gameblog.fr


Translation by Speeder


To sum up the article:


* The Crew will offer a game experience close to Driver San Fransico.


* The gameplay is rather semi-arcade, accessible, fun and efficient.


* The game is located in a USA openworld, with the possibility to travel between NYC to LA (with a reduced scale).


* Like Driver:SF, the map will be a "Google Map" like.


* In "freeride"; player will be free to choose between missions, or challenges.


* The Multiplayer will be competitive and cooperative with a player limit set to 8 players.


* A companion app (for iOs and Android) will be published


* The version our source was able to play was running on X360.


* Game should be released end 2013


Google Translation


* Contrary to some rumours of a similar to a Gran Turismo or Forza positioning, driving would rather semi-arcade: accessible, fun and effective.


* The game is in the United States, Open World, and it would be possible to go from one city to another, for example from New York to Los Angeles. The distance scale is however reduced.


* The solo experience seems closely intertwined in multiplayer, since it will be possible to join other players at any time for specific tasks or challenges.


* The multiplayer would focus as much on the competition that the cooperation between the players, and it would be possible to be up to 8 on the same test


Far from Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport , The Crew seems to be trying to offer a more like a car game Test Drive Unlimited and a Driver San Francisco , where freedom and driving pleasure precedence over realism or simulation.


Just saw this too: Recent tweet on the @GamesLabUbi account looking for playtesters of sim/arcade variety.


GamesLab Ubisoft ‏@GamesLabUbi 27 May

Cherchons joueurs jeux voiture simu et/ou arcade pour playtest à Montreuil du 29 au 31 Mai de 10h à 17h. Infos http://on.fb.me/PYaInj






Well we knew that Ivory Tower (Ivory) was making a game for Ubisoft and that there had been hints of Ubisoft Reflections also being involved so this rumour of a realistic racer akin to Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo is interesting. What do you think? Is this the Ivory game or is it possible they are working on an open-world realistic racer? Just think how many people have asked for this!




As for that "all new" series that no one has heard of? Chatter started on various french websites regarding a "racing" title in the works (source below). Today, a source confirmed that Ubisoft has been working on an all new racing franchise called "The Crew," being developed by Ubisoft's Reflection's Studio. It's been described to me as a "realistic title, possibly being positioned against Forza and Gran Turismo." Very little information was given, but if true, we should see an announcement and possible trailer this E3. The title is said to be for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and possibly current generation consoles.


Rumor: Ubisoft revealing new racing IP called at E3 2013 - Long Island Video Game Industry | Examiner.com


I may have posted this publicly before but not sure, I know they're in the Green Room.


Forgot to post these I found early last year or late 2011.









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Well 'The Crew' hints at a group or a collaborative effort to solve or complete tasks so maybe it has a similar aspect as DRIVECLUB or maybe it's simply about your character being a part of a group in a single player campaign, being ex TDUteam I think a good focus will be for online. It all depends on what Ubi has told them to do with the project mind you.

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When the concept art starts to feature buckets.... one could wonder what the heck is going on..



Will this be The Warriors with a bit of cars, or yet another attempt to make a racegame with a storyline (of which we already know the answer: that it will NEVER MATCH).

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It's next-generation level of detail.


"Using the power of next-gen consoles and PC we are now able to add another obstacle to hamper the successful running of your garage with your 'crew' and that is plants. Yes plants, not only do you have to race, challenge, tune, modify and repair your vehicles but also take care of the plants by keeping them watered (but not too much!) because as everyone knows, dead plants equals a dead business."



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"what you packing? A Butterfly Orchid? Thats nice and all but aint nothing to my Agapanthus!"

"would you look at this small fry? Would't know his Mini Carnation from a Zantedeschia!"

"Go back to growing Daffodil's boyo, we all got Campanula in this part"


:panic: I don't understand this language. Are you studying Biology?

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If it's the Ivory game then it's been hyped by us and some other places to be a 'spiritual-successor to TDU' due to the core teams background but remember they started in 2008 iirc so many things could and would have changed within this period. It could turn out to be nothing of the sort!

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I think it's straying too far from the narrative of TDU with the idea of a story and (by the look of it) not being on an island. The thing that really sold me on the game was the idea of just driving forever, with not a care in the world and with no boundary to an area that looks like it can be driven on. It added to the feel of the world very much, and taking that away sort of ruins it for me.

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