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Sounds allready really good.

although i didn't finetune even bass or volume yet.

Invented a new trick, which I can use to produce samples.

Gone are the days where I needed videos in which the gas must be held stable.

Lots of fun.



Sound :





Ingamerecording 13.02.2014 :




Sourcevideo :


( for downtouring )



( for start, idle, and ontouring )


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Firstly it's nice you find it good. Urm, i thought about it, because i have no flanging here at all.

I think it has something to do with that you use another, selfmade general turbosound, maybe ?

As you can hear in the video i used the normal turbosound that is coming with TDU.

If it's not that, i can tell you, these samples are taken straight out of the test rig video with no editing done to them at all yet.

I just found it allready good, and released it.

When i did some finetuning on it, sure you'll hear the engine then :-) .

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Listen to the test rig video more silent, then you can hear the jetlike sound is in there too.

The modsound ingame is very silent in relation.

The louder you turn it, the less you recognize the jetsound.

Another reason could be, if it's not the turbo, so many things you do different.

You have another asphalt rolling inside and outside sound + another windsound maybe.

The sound you hear wich is not in the test rig video sound, doesn't have to come from the mod or from your setting to be heard.

It can be that it is not in the mod samples and not in your other sounds, BUT played TOGETHER they create a new wave.

This is called interference.

That's why you say about your own enginesoundmods, that they are optimized for and best to use with, because developed with, this and that soundmodpack changing rolling ambiente turbo and other sounds.

I bet to most of the people your enginesounds sound a little bit different than on your system, cause they use original other sounds.

But i don't think it is a this big difference.

Only you and the ones who listen to the bnk files will even closely hear it.

I am using an own roll sound too, as you can hear in the modvideo, admitting it's not looping clean yet.

But this doesn't matter, because i don't use it while developing the soundmods.

I create them for what the most people have on their system, wich is the original common.bnk soundfile.

You should extract the modsamples with bnkfilecreator and check it. Because this is the only and fastest way to find out what it is.

You'll hear there is no difference in the character of their sound, compared with the original engine video sound at all.

No offence, no defence, in what i wrote. Only discussion.


And thanks for the good luck. Allways good to have some.

Btw, you do a great job with your carsounds.

Subwave could be a different sometimes, but the rest, great, peace... .

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Damn you wirte so much "! :) but common sounds dont have ntohign to do with the sound you made...


Basicly i keep saying that in your porsche samples there is a jet sound included

i open the samples and i also notice that you used a onhigh to make a onmid and a onlow right ? (thats why you listen all the way up the sound)


also tinnio what you mean with subwaves ? only tdu2 as that file while tdu1 does not have that file



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With subwave i mean the deep rrrr the cylinders do.

Your TDU1 Sounds are better than the TDU2 ones.

Because there is more variety in that part of the engine hearable in your mods.


Common sounds, like the turbo and transition whine are important.

It messes up your F1 Mclaren sound at high speed for example.


Yes i took one sample for all three on sounds, to keep every tone going through all the way up.

Supposed to be just a little try, took me half an hour maybe, and was the first try yet turned out really good to me.

As it is not easy to find, i tell you. It's exactly the accelleration sound from 00:30 to 00:34 in the test rig video.

There you hear the flanging is in there. It brings the for this engine typically dynamic character into the sound,

thats why i liked particulary this exactly part of the video, and sampled it.

For the downtouring it's another part wich is also used for all three off sounds.

But this is only to have a ground basis for the character of the engine.

Onlow, onmid and the according offs sure must be joined by further, more the ref range meeting parts of the original sound.

And these parts are not in the video as it starts from middle ref range.

Plus the vibrating of the exhausts and the entire car are not in it.

I at first have to decide wich video to take, for the next steps.

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How do you keep the sound at stable RPM? That "trick"...


I really won't tell, as i hope a developer studio is trying to get me working for them from one day on, when i perfectionated this new method.

With it, it is possible to have all the sounds, a car produces when it is accelerating at maximum, in a stable sample.

I've never heard this happening in any game yet.

What is there yet is a simulated dynamic, but not the dynamic the engine does by itself because of its character, like in my samples.

But at the moment it's not clean enough, still a bit flanging going on there.

These are the sounds that are stable before the trick becoming unstable after the trick.

But you can ignore it while driving, because i then take the sample, copy it, make it play backwards, invert it, and put it after the before copied sample.

This way the flanging ends how it starts, is swinging, and looping clean.

For making it having the right lengh, i strictly take out something from the exact middle of it, with same distance to it's right and left, if neccessary.

This is not the trick, but a little help for you, because you can use this for other samples you might have trouble with.


If i told, everybody could do it. Workingsecret :-)

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Updated and polished.

Now the exhaust sound is in it.

I took it from the part of the Porsche R Turbo video,

where the camera is in front bumper view.

So the ontouring sound now comes completely from that part.

The downtouring sound stays the one from the test rig video,

it was an octave too high in the previous version,

This can happen very easily, if 3 sounds are swinging up,

and the middle tone of them in onmid becomes the, what would be the correctly highest, tone in onhigh.

This way, the highest tone of onmid becomes too high in onhigh.

In a trio of sounds, the deepest tone of the onlow becomes the middle tone in onmid, and the lowest tone in onhigh.

But sometimes it is hard to devide them. The best is, take one tone, adjust it, for onlow, onmid, and onhigh correctly,

and write down the percentages of the done tempo changes to it. So this fault can never happen again.

I corrected it. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Tinnio

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