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some Advices about TDU Performance Editing

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Because of posting engine sound mods, I've decided to write this, with the purpose to help people who would be interested of the physics from the previews from my posts (even though I would not get the most viewed :D and my sounds probably would not get more than several hundred views :))).


But : that is not my priority, getting many views. My priority is to help people who would like to have realistical enough physics, better than the original game's physics, and to have heavy diesel sounds (which are not plenty), people who would like to have what I have (I don't think here in a superstitious way).


I do this because I was before in this position : frustrated of not being able to do my own mods (ok, not cars, which requires a lot of work and computer skills, I talk about sound & physics), frustrated of bothering other people to help me.


And now, My Advices about Physics Editing :


1. The Acceleration must be very low for maximum of handling.


2. The Mass (KG) must be 1000 for normal weight cars to provide maximum of handling.


3. FWD / RWD Traction is great for a strong start (with AWD the start is poor).


4. Engine Inertia (smaller) is useful for driving relatively constant at low speeds (without engine struggling).


5. Grip must be big for stability, but with strong enough suspensions & dampers (I recommend 90 value for every 'free space' you have to write).


6. Ride Height (Front/Rear) & Maximum Height (Front/Rear) must have the same value (all of them) for big stability.


7. Overhang (Front/Rear) must be bigger for more cornering stiffness/rigidity and smaller for less cornering stiffness/rigidity (Overhang is, in fact, the ... pfff, just look the image from this link : Wikimedia Error).


8. Track Front/Rear must be bigger for more stability and smaller for less stability (for drifting, but it is not enough) (Track Front & Rear is, in fact, the distance on X Axe between wheels : Wikimedia Error). I recommend 2500 value.

Look here also Images with My Physics (from just one car, but all my physics from all my cars are similar) :




hopefully I've "washed a big part of my sins" in this *constructive way* :D people who helped me with sounds (they know who they are) [and not only] are helped now by me with physics (even though the car with my physics is fast, it is also heavy enough, muscular) . . . I've tried To Create REALISTICAL ACCELERATION & HANDLING, and NOT REALISTICAL VALUES (WHICH STRONGLY SUCKS).

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