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BeamNG: Drive


Some of you may already know about BeamNG's project that they've been working on. It's now been titled "Drive" and there a free public test version you can download. So far I've played it for about an hour and I am really impressed!



You can download the free test here: http://beamng.com/techdemo


Also, if you want to spend $15.00, you can get access to the vehicles and maps shown in the video above.



I think it's too soon to say that this is the TDU replacement we've been looking for but give it some time.. It just might be!




EDIT: Bollocks, just say Ryzza's front page post on the game. I'm late as usual. :'(


Discussion perhaps..

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Guest MrLolololXD

It sucks ass, my car kept getting stuck on nothing which would mean I have to reset to the other side of the island, you can't go over bumps and if you happened to put a wheel onto the grass or up over the gutter your car just gets stuck and stalls so you can't reverse out or anything. Idgas if it's in alpha still, the way it is at the moment it's not worth it.

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I do like the damage model. I scraped the side of my truck against a wall at speed, and instead of just smashing the whole car up and going over the top like usual, it just proceeded to pull back most of my front quarter panel so it was bent in the wrong direction and stopping my door from opening :p


Anyone paid for the Alpha access yet?

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