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As Ivory/Ubi reveal more information about the game, share it in this thread and we'll endeavour to get a bit of a list/FAQ happening in this post (any staff can edit this post, because you're mistaken if you think I'm going to do it all :p)


For now I'll just quickly start off with the various tuning types in the game (I will convert these videos to links later). Also notice Zoe (your game-typical FBI Boss) walking in the background in some of the videos.





Full Stock: How it rolls off the dealer lot. This is your basic ride and a ‘blank canvas’ for your own modified evolutions!


Street: Dealer options and off the shelf DIY additions. Useable day-to-day ride with enough grunt to have serious fun.


Dirt: Internal crash cage; uprated suspension; dirt tires on tough rims; sump guards and braided hosing; flaps, fenders and spots; newer models uprated to all wheel drive. Go tear up those backwoods!


Raid: Bespoke, full crash cage chassis; uprated suspension, including long travel shocks; uprated transmission; full bash guard package, including bull bars and skid plates; high profile, off road tires on steel rims. This is a ‘go anywhere’ ride, so what are you waiting for?


Performance: Anything to get the power up! Holes cut here and there, after market components, track day tires on lightweight rims. There’s no hiding the intent here – this machine is built to compete.


Circuit: Wider track; lower ride height; interior stripped out; crash cage, seats and harness; pro engine tuning, wind tunnel aero package; extra cooling for fluids and brakes, low profile racing slicks on superlight, super wide rims. NOT road legal!*



*I wonder if this hints at increased police attention when driving this on the roads




If you want to help out in building the list please post below and I'll copy it up here.

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afaik the upgrade parts fall into those categories above, and there are multiple versions of parts (better ones unlocked later). You can either go full on custom or if you're in a rush just pick one of those presets, where I assume it'll use the best of each part that you've unlocked so far.


The OP just looks the way it does for now (a few days) just so everyone gets a chance to see those videos, the thread should end up looking a bit more like the Car List later on. I'm sure we had a similar thread for TDU2 and/or FH

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I don't get the mentality behind the engine set-up's shown.

The street legal Performance spec car has a root's blower(that somehow has a FMIC on it :/) on a fully built engine and yet the track ready Circuit car has a standard engine with a single turbine on it, fed to the regular factory single throttle body intake? That kind'a makes no sense. At-least LS9 swap the damn track car.

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