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[PC] DLC Questions & Offline Profile to Online?

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First post here, i have lurked for awhile here.


Anyway, here's a few questions.


1. Is there a way to get offline DLC while paying for them properly?


2. Is there a way to convert from offline to online with a different nickname (because "Bryan" is taken) to get the DLC?

3. Trying to convert from offline to online (have to change name), or changing my save name would corrupt my game.


Some Google results:

Steam Users' Forum

I have been messing arround with this same problem for almost and entire hour since I bought the game through Steam last night, and I have finally be able to play on-line with my off-line profile. So it's actually possible, but you have to mislead the game to think it's the same profile.


This is what you should try to do:

1- Move the entire folder Eden Games from My Documents to Desktop.

2- Enter the game, create a new on-line profile (with the same name as the old one) with your testdriveunlimited2.com account information, and when you see the party and the swimming pool, exit the game (ALT+F4).

3- Now take the AVATAR, LICENSES folders from your old profile and copy them on the new profile on My Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2\savegame\<PROFILE>\

4- Then take the files DATA and KEYMAP from PLAYERSAVE directory from your old profile and copy them on your new profile's PLAYERSAVE folder.

5- Run the game and try to open your profile. It will say it's damaged, but don't worry. Now copy the OPTIONS file from PLAYERSAVE directory from your old profile and put it on your new profile's PLAYERSAVE directory overwriting the new one. Try again to access the profile without exiting the game. Success! Now you can play on-line without starting all over again.


These are the steps I followed myself and I managed it to work in spite of so many people saying it was impossible to play on-line with an off-line profile.


I hope this will be helpful if somebody else finds this thread on Google or any search engine and he/she has the same problem.



Cheat Happens

ok heres wat i did its way too lon but give it a try-

1)backup the save file whos name u wanna change.

2)run tdu and delete the profile (via tdu)

3)create a new profile named with the new name (which u wanted to change)

4)exit tdu and change the name of the backuped savefile to the the name of the newprofile

5)replace this savefile with the new one

6)u shld have that same progress but different name

p.s.just changing the name wont do u have to change the profile list too so just dont change the name u have to make tha new profile to be succesful


Help would be much appreciated.

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Like I said in the chatbox buddy, I haven't seen anyone posting a proper 'working' method for this and as TDU2 isn't very well liked around here I don't think there has been much of a demand for the need to. Though with the modders working hard on the Unofficial Patch and other tools it's possible more light more be shone upon the need for it.


Found this video, make sure you backup your current profile before attempting any changes.


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Ok I found a cached page of that post on the old official TDU2 forums for how to fix a corrupt save. Make sure as always to back-up/create a restore just in case!


Note: This was originally posted on Feb 18th, 2011.


My save game became corrupted last night after hours and hours of play, level 24, 14 cars including the R8, 5 houses, etc.

I contacted Atari support asking if theres any official word on this post-patch to be told the only way i could continue is to delete my save and start over.

Not wanting to delete all this hard work and start again, i spent this afternoon fiddling with my savegame data and have found a way of fixing my supposedly 'unrecoverable' save game.


Before i go any further i will state that this is a fix for PC post-patch and i cannot verify if it works or not if your save game was corrupted before this, although no harm in trying.


Make sure you backup first.


Here's what i did:


1. Locate your "savegame" folder [default: C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2\savegame]


2. In this folder there should be another folder with your profile name, open this and then the subfolder "PLAYERSAVE" [eg: C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2\savegame\Gruk\PLAYERSAVE]


3. If its the same corruption as mine, you should have 3 files in this folder named !, KEYMAP and OPTIONS


4. Rename the file "!" to "DATA"


5. Launch the game again and fingers crossed, it should work!


Hopefully this will resolve some peoples save game corruption issues.

I believe some others have also found this fix but thier posts on it have become lost in threads and later pages of the forums.


Remember backup your corrupted "savegame" folder before trying any of these steps.

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I tried changing it offline, and that didn't work. Then i tried doing the thing you said, only problem is that there is no ! file. I think the profile name is stored inside, encrypted in one or more of the save files. I tried using a RAM editor, i tried using the dreaded Cheat Engine (i hate it too, it's just i wanted to try to change the name with it) to change the profile name, renaming the folder and changing ProfileList.dat with a hex editor, making a new profile, then replacing it with my old save files. If you have any more solutions let me know.

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