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    • By Ryzza5
      Xbox head Phil Spencer has written an interesting article confirming a few points regarding the future of gaming within the Xbox family.  Once again, he sounds confident that their success will not be measured in the number of consoles sold, since he promotes the playing of new titles on old hardware for those who can't upgrade or choose not to.
      Could it be that Microsoft will offer their new consoles on a 24-month payment plan alongside Xbox Game Pass for a low enough monthly fee, that traditional PlayStation owners are tempted enough to switch?  Or get both consoles instead of just the PS5?  Will parents who typically buy a console as a gift for children be attracted to this new model where they don't have to spend $70+ per game since the monthly price includes access to a new console plus 100+ games plus multiplayer (Live Gold) access bundled in one reasonable fee?  
      Have a read through the following article and let us know your thoughts.  Don't forget to come back for the next Xbox game stream scheduled for next Thursday (July 23).

    • By Fl0w
      Ursa Racing Design HUDs
      - - - by Fl0w - - -
      Member of Independent Tuners

      After I stopped Car-Modding (need more time for school etc.), I had the idea to release the Ursa Racing HUDs, which were included in the car packages, without any Ursa Racing logos ... and here are the HUDs. They are an alternative to the original TDU HUDs. I hope you like them, and if not, you do not have to download them ;)
      I go on with HUD-modding, because my HUDs are more popular than my cars (i think) and HUD-modding needs less time than Car-modding...

      This HUD was created for the Ferrari Enzo

      => Download <=
      This HUD was created for the RUF RT12

      => Download <=
      This HUD was created for the Audi TT
      At this HUD, I corrected the settings in the hud.ini-file, because Atari / Eden Games adjusted the HUD wrong. The error caused the needle not to show the same speed as the digital numbers.

      => Download <=
      This HUD was created for the Audi TT
      Here I corrected the error in the hud.ini-file, too.

      => Download <=
      This HUD was created for the Ferrari Enzo

      => Download <=


      !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod!!
      Requires Djeys Magic Map


      Have fun with this modification!


      Terms of use:
      - The file is for private use only
      - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
      - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners
      - It's not allowed to edit this modification
      - If you have problems with this modification or if you want to upload it anywhere else please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]

      Greetz and comment please
    • By yankata123
      I'ts me again, i promise i will stop releasing mods but for now i will. :D So here i have something for you.Because there is some v10 bmw good and smooth and clean version, i decide to give you something harder V10 TURBO. SORRY FOR THE STARTING SOUND I WILL FIX IT TOMORROW!!!
      Download: RUF_Spyder_audio.bnk
      I promise other mods for today but they will be released soon:
      Mercedes G65
      Ferrari Colection
      Ford cosworth turbo
      Lamborghini gallardo v10 twin turbo

      You are not able to edit and share on other sites!
      If you dont like the sound mod please PM me to told me what you dont like about it!!Very important for me. :)
    • By Ryzza5
      2012 was an interesting year.  Some wondered if it would be the last year, and of course a movie had to develop that plotline further.  Perhaps worse than that, the official online servers for Test Drive Unlimited 1 were shut down, which made us all feel very sad.

       Not long later we had the release of the first open world Forza title for XBOX 360 which took us to a version of Colorado which strangely lacked Pikes Peak. It was a good game, and the start of a good series to fill in the void left by TDU, but it just wasn't the same. At least it still provided a few laughs.

      But that wasn't all.  In March of 2012 we were treated to a new flight 'simulator' from Microsoft, which conveniently for us, featured Hawaii of all places.  It was a freemium game with DLC planes, locations and challenges.  A number of us do like to fly on PC on occasion.

      If you don't count the re-release of a 64-bit version of Flight Simulator X Acceleration on Steam in 2014, then the 2012 release of Microsoft Flight was our last flying update from Microsoft in 7 years.  So imagine our delight when Microsoft surprises us with a gorgeous trailer showing us a new version of the simulator due to land (pun intended) sometime in 2020.
      Take a look for yourself here:
      The trailer doesn't tell us a great deal of details about the upcoming sim, but the amazing detail of the world (without having to purchase and install a hundred add-ons) in stunning 4K definitely has our attention here at TurboDuck.  We'll be sure to make a beeline for O'ahu as soon as we can.
      Here's what we can deduce from the trailer and it's description:
      * Available on Xbox and Windows PC (so it should attract casual fliers)
      * Powered by satellite data and MS Azure AI Cloud computing
      * Amazing volumetric clouds which cast realistic shadows on the ground
      * SNOW
      * Bodies of water are not a singular colour, and cities have High Def textures out of the box
      * FOG
      * Delicious reflections on aircraft and detailed airport vehicle and building textures with shadows
      * A variety of light and stunt aircraft as well as jumbo jets, including the cover-plane from Microsoft Flight from Icon
      * Beautiful sunsets accompany expected time-of-day and weather settings
      * High-detailed 3D cockpits with the ability to turn your head, bank your aircraft and admire the view below
      * Many real-world scenic attractions to visit including what appears to be New York, Dubai, Alcatraz, Egypt, San Francisco, along with coral reefs, mountains, canyons, craters, stadiums, and more
      * Lighting and rain effects
      * Hundreds of vehicles on the roads and in the carparks below
      * Wildlife including flamingos, elephants, and giraffes
      * Multiplayer
      * Challenging Alpine landing strips

      Want to come fly with me? Let's fly, let's fly away to the Comments section below to discuss one of Microsoft's oldest slogan questions: 


    • By Ryzza5
      Rumours are creating a lot of discussions around what was previously codenamed an upcoming Xbox One Maverick console.  A new name and preorder date have surfaced.
      Meet the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition:

      While we can't 100% confirm this name is final, players have been quick to abbreviate it this SAD console and jeer Microsoft's marketing department for this seeming oversight.
      Preorders for this console are anticipated to begin in April 2019.  No information about specs is available at this time, but we assume it will be very similar to existing Xbox One S hardware, perhaps with revised cooling and obviously no optical drive. 
      Perhaps the in-built storage specifications are increased significantly to allow more simultaneous game installations.  But then again, perhaps a justification against this is that owners of this console will be more likely to stream their games rather than purchase and install them.  This would allow for the SAD Box to be sold cheaper.
      But will you need a console at all?
      Microsoft has been talking about making it's Cloud Game Streaming service available on all sorts of devices, including the Nintendo Switch and even on PlayStation.  (I really can't imagine Sony signing up for that).  Consoles often have sold at slim profit margins - it's the games and online services that rake in the money.  So if Microsoft can have players using (or just paying for) its services on any devices, there aren't too many reasons left to care about selling consoles.  Performance?  Servers handle the performance of rendering streamed games.
      What about PCs?
      It sure has been nice to be able to play Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 + 4 on my PC, even without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.  But I fear this may not last.  A new 'fast-ring' preview build of Windows 10 has been revealed to support playing Xbox Game disc images natively, with Microsoft providing one game to these beta users for free and encouraging them to try playing the game and reporting feedback.  This seems to suggest that future versions of Windows 10 will be able to play any Xbox 1 game.  But when that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft requires these PC players to have Xbox Live Gold. 
      While fast gaming PCs may cost more to build, part of this is significantly offset by having free multiplayer and cheaper games.  This being true in the future seems uncertain.  Forza titles are only sold on PC through the Microsoft store, and at a very high price compared to what Steam customers may be used to.  If you own one of these games on disc, there is no way to claim a digital copy on PC.  The only saving grace is that the game can be purchased once for both PC and Xbox hardware, and with free multiplayer to boot.
      What about you?
      If you already own an Xbox One S or X edition, the new SAD edition won't offer much for you.  If you don't, would you consider this as an option this late in the product lifecycle?  Would you instead wait and see if a newer faster Xbox is released in a year or two?
      Have you tried any game streaming services before?  What were your impressions?  I've had bad experiences streaming Steam games over my wired LAN, so as a fan of racing games where quick reflexes (and minimal frame delays) are key, the prospect of streaming over the Internet doesn't seem like it will ever be viable for me.
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