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TheLegionary: Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2 Oakley Design

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so awesome!!

could you make a file so we can see other people driving with this mod as well? 'Cause I can only see myself driving the Oakley Design Aventador and my friend is driving a standard Aventador

He need change they file too :)

Normal players without mod dont see your mod but the original car :P

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Awesome, it works. I can drive the DMC Aventador now with my friend driving the Oakley Design Aventador :D :D


Colourful duo



ps. How do I make a spoiler?

That pic are amazing:)WOW

About the Spoiler is une friend the have do me that.

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I think he doesn't mean the spoiler on the car. He means the post-function. :D


Go to advanced post-editor and click on the last icon in the last row. That is the spoiler-function.


Edit: btw: I'm not JonnieBrasco :coool:


Haha sorry, I was typing too fast lol. Stupid me :headbang3:

It won´t happen again :p

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