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A huuuuuuge thank you to the community of tdu

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Hello Guys :)


Well, I just saw how many brands are in TDU now with all the mods made by the Community. Here is a pic to answer my question:




There is probably more than 106 brands. So more than a 2000 mods. Convert one mod in approximately One months, Two weeks, One week, 3 days, 12 Hours, 5 Hours, 2 Hours... Then think how much hour it could represent. When I imagine that number I just want to say... WOOOOAAAW ! :nuts:


We approaching the end of 2013, TDU is 7 years old and we still play that amazing game. Even next-gen games doesn't remove the love of the game... But TDU is nothing without every modders, every members, every fans of cars... All these people spend more times making the game better...


It was sad to see the servers shut down last year. Atari was to focus on they new game they called TDU 2... :mad: Well, I can see that now many of us moved to TDU 2 because it's the last game where we like to see all our friends. Many people is trying to get TDU 2 better. Thanks to them also even if I don't play TDU 2. It's great to see them spending times to get the awfull TDU 2 on better TDU 2 they always wanted to see.


I want to say a Enormous thank you to every people who contribute to TDU 1 for just our joy, our days, our passion of cars, our distraction... You all are absolutely amazing ! So Thank you so much... :thumbsup:

TDU have still some bright days for the next months. But sadly best things always have an end. For how long ? Hope for still very long. So now...




(I'm probably in the wrong section so sorry :D ) (Also sorry if I'm not so clear in some sentences, I'm French)

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