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Bored of the Music in the radio Of Tdu ?


How to listen at your preferite songs in Tdu :fld::odance::bananadance::pdance:

First of all , Go in your tdu folder where tdu is installed .

double click on Euro

same thing with the Radio folder ( double click)

Now you have 4 stations right in front of you , double click on one of them ( for example radio djey)

Now you can see there are many tracks ( usually 9 or 10) , these are the song you listen in the game.

Now is simple , Take a song that you'd like to listen in tdu , copy it on the desktop , now rename it with the name of one of the tracks you found in ( for example) the djey radio folder ( be sure you rename Character by character don't lose anything even the space ) and replace the song you have renamed with the song in the djey folder , Now when you go play and you turn up the radio on that station , when it's the turn of the song you have replaced , you will recognize that is your song playing and not the replaced old song .

P.s : If you don't hear anything when you turn up the radio and it's the turn of your song ( if you remember the name of the song you have replaced it will be easier ) , after have replaced the file , it's probably because you don't have the magic map installed , but I'm not shure .

You can replace every song you want , but be carefull and rebot all the files . :duck::D

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You know you can just put shortcuts to your own MP3 files somewhere in the savegame folder, right? That's how it's supposed to be done and much easier. No need to keep multiple copies of the same file under different names and such, plus you don't risk breaking the game by messing about with its files too much either. ;)

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You'r right , but i didn't see any thread talking about this so i wrote how i did to listen to my music ,even that now I know there are better ways ,

Anyway my way to do this doesn't suggest to keep multiple copies of the same file , but if the user wants to replace every song that he/ she wants with the songs that he/ she wants , and anyway in your and in mine way the game doesn't risk to crash or to break . But thanks for your comment :)

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