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Yes, i did slow progress, due to motivation problems,

plus, i was lazy.

But i got into it again.


Very good work, as usual.


Thx for that !




--- Post Updated ---


Welcome at turboduck, and thank you.

I agree, i like it too.

I was lucky finding a good video.

Nothing to change, but maybe (real big maybe) the misfiring sequenze, from time to time,

allthough it is swinging, not only looping.

For all. If it gets annoying after a few months, just tell me.

In the last parts of the video, the exhausts seem to be heaten up, and the misfiring is much quicker.

This put in, would sure never get repetitive. In a few months, MAYBE ;-) .


Awesome work!! i love it!



--- Post Updated ---


Wow, thank you.


The Koenig Testarossa.

I found something not so brilliant that i want/need to change with it,

but i won't tell what it is, as long as you find it good, hehe.


The f50.

I'm a bit said about that too. I can explain why.

The files themself are at maximum volume, without being distortet.

It is the game itself, making it that silent, and taking bass out of it.

And now you think wtf, why are the other 2 mods so loud then.?

This is because they are turbosounds.

I used an equalizer, to give it a more bassy shape again, when ingame.

Then i distortet them to compensate the loudness reduction caused by the game,

The distortion in the so changed sound is similar to a turbosound, so it is fitting to it.

And then i reduced the level again. so it is not too much louder than other cars in the game.


When i tried that with the f50, the distortion caused the whistle of the exhaust pipes to not sound so good anymore.

It is very good detail, in the video. V12 in general, has more detail. Any distortion destroys that.

So i decided to just keep it like that, to not ruin it.

Of course, Testarossa is v12 too, but this Koenig bodyed version got twinturbos.

They overlap unclean sounds a bit.


I see what i can do with an equalizer again.

Maybe i can max out the loudness of the pipes, and the other's louder.

But then, the relation inbetween all the tones of this beautiful sound,

would be not original anymore. That's the reason why, i didn't try it yet.

No promises ;-) .

So long, regards.







Absolutly stunning sound Tinnio :D I also tried the Koenig Testarossa sound who's brillant and the F50 sound. The only little thing I found a bit weird about the F50 is the sound is not very loud. Sorry :ill:
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