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The second one i did arround new years eve 2013. No party,

just visited the most important persons, my parents,

and then sat down to do it in a night and day session.



Enjoy button : http://www.file-upload.net/download-8769120/f50-audio.rar.html


Enjoy button ( loud ) : http://www.file-upload.net/download-8769121/Ferrari-f50-laut.rar.html



Ingamerecording :




Ingamerecording (loud) :




Sourcevideos :




Start 1:22


Roar (exterior part, interior version stand by)

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Pitching is no problem at all.

The only trouble is them waves of normal loudness getting so silent,

when put into the game.

Real pitty.

I want that clean sound lound ingame, not a loud messed up sound.

I could just make it louder, but distortion would ruin the v12 sound then. ...


Edit :

Ok, i uploaded a loud version. Tell me if the distortion is too much.

I find it gives the clean version a nice screamy flavour :-) .


i hate the video recorded with the GoProHero (about the exhuast camera)..are impossibile to pitch.. BTW great job :)
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I've done it louder in a way the distortion is all over the sound, not only in parts of it.

That would've been disturbing.

So now it sounds a bit dirty, fits better to it.

In the sourcevideo it is singing.

Now ingame it can scream too, like a v12 should be able to do.

And as it is no onboard sound, this is also more realistic.


By the way, i've been adding ingamerecordings to all my sounds,

for those who don't want to install something, before hearing it.

Use the extract here function.

Extract to, showed a failiure sometimes. Regards

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