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Litlle question for MadManCK

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Hey there MadMan,


I've a little question for you about repairing a Fanatec CSR wheel, because I once heard you talk about that you knew somebody who could repair a logitech g25 steering wheel.

I also live in the Netherlands near Amsterdam. My question is, did you get your g25 repaired, and if that's the case, could that person also repair a fanatec wheel?

And if so, how can I contact that person?

I will get a bit more detailed about the issue with my fanatec wheel, I did run my pc on a 32bit XP os dual boot with win 7 64 bit, I once made a firmware update on both systems, and one of that firmware updates was broken.

Now I have issues on PC, xbox360 and PS3.

There is something really wrong with my steering wheel, it has somekind of software conflict.

I hope you can help me out with this isue.

I hope it isn't to much to ask for.

Anyways.. If you could help me out with this one I'd be gratefull.

Thanx in advance.


BTW I live in Zaandam. ;)

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