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January 2014 Q&A

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The following Q&A answers have only been available since January 23 :fp:


Hi everyone,


Here are the answers to our January Q&A, keep in mind that the game is still in progress and changes may happen. We unfortunately can’t answer every single question, but we made sure to address as much as we could.


Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm!


The Crew Team




We’ve seen many questions regarding our car line-up, and while we do understand that you’re all eager to get more information on this topic we’ll ask you to be a little more patient. The team is working to bring you a wide variety of vehicles, muscle cars, pickup trucks, supercars, imports, luxury and all of them with different tuning kits so don’t worry, we’ll let you know about them in time!


Q: In the Cockpit view can we see the real inside of the car?

A: Yes you will, and depending on the dress of the car (Full stock, Dirt, Perf…) you will have a modified interior.


Q: With the Cockpit view can we see the hands of the driver, like in the trailer?

A: Yes you can.


Q: How many servers will the game have?

A: One server per platform (PC, Xbox One, PS4).


Q: Will there be some kind of "camera mode" in free roam? Can I move the camera with a mouse and see my side, back, front of the car etc…?

A: While free roaming, you will be able to turn the camera all around your car, and when you get back into the garage you will have the possibility to inspect every aspect of your vehicle (body, interior, chassis and more).


Q: When you build a vehicle in the HQ, can you save it?

A: There will not be possible to save a pre-set of car that you will apply to all your vehicles. You will be able to save the modifications that you apply to one car at the time.


Q: When we go to purchase a car, will it be in a store base like TDU2 where there’s cut scene when you walk in? Also, will it be possible to view the car in depth (interior, exterior and test drive)?

A: There will not be a first person view; however a camera will take you from one car to another allowing you to inspect the car (interior and exterior). You will also be able to test drive the cars before buying them.


Q: Will there be a (kind of) detailed physical map I stick to my wall and see the location of various challenges?

A: This is something we’d like to get for sure!


Q: Ivory Tower has seemed kept away from the public eye. Could you shed some light on the history of the studio and how is formed?

A: You can learn more about Ivory Tower in this article from Edge.


Q: Will there be various events in each city in The Crew?

A: In every city and on the entire map!


Q: Will we be able to turn off HUD elements / Disable the HUD entirely?

A: You will be able to remove all the information that will be displayed on the screen when free roaming, allowing you to enjoy the most immersive experience!


Q: How police will behave? They will be chasing you every time they will see you or only when you do something wrong, like crash into another car etc.?

A: Only when you do something wrong, rest assured however that they will not be patrolling around you all the time. More details regarding the influence of the police will be shared later.


Q: Will there be train tracks and train stations like in GTA 5 because I think It would be cool to drive around the train station in a Camaro or race the train or just sit there and wait for the train to hit you?

A: This sounds very dangerous, and this will be in the game!


Q: Will there be a photo mode? Or a special camera feature?

A: That’s not planned for now as all of the game platforms allow you to capture videos and take photos already.


Q: When you say rival crews. Are you referring to actual online players? Or are you referring to AI made crew rivals?

A: Both, as you will be facing rivals crews in the campaign (PvE), and if you want to go against player’s crews you will be able to do so.


Q: Will spoilers be active and move up and down when you brake and accelerate?

A: All our vehicles that possess this option in real life will keep it in the game.


Q: Will there fancy shiny rims?

A: Yes


Q: Can we expect a wide variety of interior customisation?

A: Yes, from official ones to creations.


Q: Will there be the option to set traffic levels?

A: As The Crew is an online multiplayer game, the traffic will be the same for all the players on the map. Now, depending on the time of the day and the area where you’ll be driving, the traffic will not be the same. So if you’re driving in a main city you’ll have a lot more traffic than in a small town, same if you’re in day time rather than night.

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Thanks for not telling the rest of us about it :(


Same to you Diablo..... oh and how is Satellite Crush Saga coming along?





* There are no full weather effects in the game, however you will encounter for example foggy places or snowy roads that will affect the handling of your vehicle.


* There will be four cameras: First person, hood, cockpit and third person.


* Regarding missions, you will be able to play every single one as many time as you like.


* There will be different types of animals and NPCs depending on where you’ll be driving. Regarding the split screen, this will not be available.


* The way the HUD speedometer is displayed will be the same for all the cars, however you can choose to hide it from the HUD if you like, same with everything that is displayed on the screen.


* No mouse-steering support.


* We will not have the ability to purchase houses, yachts etc, however there are many things that The Crew will be bringing that TDU didn't have, stay tuned


* The Crew uses a new game engine compared to TDU1


* The game is only about cars and nothing else (i.e. bikes) is planned for now.


* The cockpit rear view mirror will be blurred. When playing The Crew, the game will display a very complex open world with many different landscapes and details, and having a rear mirror means displaying this entire world a second time. The team decided not to include this feature to avoid having a poor quality of the rear mirror, for example by showing only the frame of the car behind you with no other detail of the road and the surroundings. We do know how much this feature is appreciated however this choice was made to avoid a poor quality feature among sophisticated ones. You will be able to turn it to check the interior and the dashboard for example while driving. Don't forget that in the garage you will be able to inspect every detail (interior and exterior) of the car. We are working on the cockpit view for each car and adjustments are still being made to find the right view and position. We'll let you know more about it in the future.


* Your character will not be able to eat a bacon sandwich while driving a Lamborghini.


* The team is already working on it and looking at different ways to protect the game from cheaters as much as possible.


* Many aspects of the game are built with a realistic approach, starting with ideas, then the execution of these ideas and finally the testing. What makes the difference between the first idea and what the Dev Team decides to implement in the game is the testing. If we take for example a realistic damage system, this is a feature that has to be considered in a multiplayer open world. A first aspect to consider it that some players may just want to ram any other driver, just because they can, and you’ll have to repair your car each time. Another aspect would concern the simple pleasure of driving on the map. It wouldn't be really enjoyable to repair every time you hit a barrier or a car or just take a bigger jump when you’re cruising, same when doing a mission or a skill. Be sure that the team is fully aware of your thoughts on this topic, and the decisions that are taken have one objective only and is the pleasure of driving. Finally, there are some features that will be optional, for example if you prefer to go to your garage to change your car you can do that, and if you want to be able to change it on the spot you’ll have to earn that feature. As usual don't forget that the team is still working on the game, and your feedback will always be valued.


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