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How to have the Gumpert Apollo offline.

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Hi all,


So here I'm trying to get the Gumpert Apollo with no club, I play offline so I can change my backup with no problem, I love this car it is a shame not to have it, so if anyone knows a mod or another technical or software, I'm interested but i don't want replace an orignal car by the Apollo I just want ad it to my garage.



Thank you all: D

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TDU2garage is available, but you might have to do a bit of digging for it. last time i found it, it was some random file DL site, rather than a tdu site.


If you are playing offline a simple car swap (without the need for Hex editing, just a regular trainer program) still works perfectly fine.

If you are interested here is a tutorial i wrote up a while back, which still works to this day. Just be warned if you try going online the anti cheat detection will kick in and it will change to a miami mustang. But if you are offline only then it will be fine.... Anyway heres the link to the tutorial (both written and video) LINK

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Guest Digio

Qualcuno sa come avere la apollo giocando solo offline da xbox 360.

Ho finito un sacci di volte questo gioco e ho sempre desiderato quella macchina, grazie in anticipo a tutti.

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