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Project Zomboid

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what this is, is a hardcore zombie survival game with no way to win. you will die, there will be blood, and the zombies will just keep coming.


based in real life Knox County, Tennessee, the game starts off by dumping you inside a random house with the clothes on your back. you need to search and scavenge for weapons, food, bags to haul stuff, and most importantly a safe house that you can build into a fortress, given time and assuming you find the tools you will need.




currently, the game is technically still pre Beta. new builds are coming on a regular basis, updated thru Steam which is where you would buy it. has an active community, mods are encouraged (including whole new maps) and the Devs regularly post in the forums, asking questions and responding to questions.




oh yeah, did i mention it is also Multi Player? yep, all you maniacs in here could form an official Turboduck server and see how well you work together (PVE), or if you choose to disable the safety feature and shoot, stab or beat to death a fellow member with a bat, axe, or crowbar (PVP)




this is the current map Project Zomboid Map Project and if you look to the left of the white box you will see Dreadwood and Bedford Falls, mod maps. plans are in place for Louisville and Fort Knox to be added to the main map, as well as fleshing it out.


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