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Wheel/Gamepad compatibility workaround

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Due to so many requests I would like to present the easiest way to add support for miscellaneous wheels and gamepads.


You will need:



  • Extract tdudec.exe and scripts into main game directory
  • Run USBDeview, double click on your device
  • Write down ProductID and VendorID
  • Close USBDeview
  • Backup orginal DevicesPC.cpr
  • Drag file DevicesPC.cpr over DecryptCpr.bat (new file DevicesPC.cpr.txt will be created)
  • Open DevicesPC.cpr.txt in text editor. It should look like this:
    //------------------- Help Controls
    HIDDefaultConfig            "289045E-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Microsoft XBOX Pad"            "DeviceXBOXPad.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "28E045E-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Microsoft X360 Pad"            "DeviceX360Pad.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C299046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB"        "DeviceLogitechG25.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C29A046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech Driving Force GT USB"        "DeviceDrivingForceGT.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C298046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech Driving Force Pro USB"    "DeviceDrivingForcePro.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C295046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech Momo Force USB"        "DeviceMomoForce.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C29B046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB"        "DeviceLogitechG27.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "C216046D-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Logitech Dual Action USB"        "DeviceLogitechDualActionUSB.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "B653044F-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch"        "DeviceThrustmasterRGT_FFB_Clutch.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "B65A044F-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Thrustmaster F430 FFB"            "DeviceThrustmasterF430_FFB.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "B311044F-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3"        "DeviceThrustmasterDualAnalog3.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "1970EB7-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Porsche Wheel"                "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "30920E8F-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Subsonic Racin'Pro"            "DeviceSubsonicRacinPro.xmb"
    HIDDefaultConfig            "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel"    "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb"
    UseSteerControl        =    1
    DefaultSeatPosition    =    -0.2    -0.4    // FrontBack UpDown     min -1    Max +1
    CameraDeadZone        =    0.3    //0.3
    FFB_Factor            1.0
    FFB_SlipAngle        1    0.1    0.6    
    FFB_SlipAngle        2    0.3    1.0
    FFB_SpeedFactor        1    5    0.0
    FFB_SpeedFactor        2    10    0.8
    FFB_SpeedFactor        3    100    1.0
    FFB_LoadFromAccel    -1.0    0.0    0.75
    FFB_LoadFactor        1.0    0.9    0.8
    // FlashList => controls_pc_driving 
    AddAction    "CAR_ACCEL"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "UP"    
    AddAction    "CAR_BRAKE"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "DOWN"    
    AddAction    "CAR_LEFT"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LEFT"    
    AddAction    "CAR_RIGHT"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "RIGHT"    
    AddAction    "CAR_HBRAKE"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LSHIFT"
    AddAction    "CAR_CLUTCH"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LCTRL"        
    AddAction    "BIKE_LIE_DOWN"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "A"        
    AddAction    "BIKE_SEAT_UP"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "Q"
    AddAction    "CAR_GUP"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "SPACE"
    AddAction    "CAR_GDOWN"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LALT"
    AddAction    "CAR_GREV"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G1ST"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G2ND"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G3RD"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G4TH"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G5TH"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G6TH"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_G7TH"                0    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "CAR_CAMERA"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "C"        
    AddAction    "CAR_BACKVIEW"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "V"        
    AddAction    "CAR_LIGHT"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "ENTER"    
    AddAction    "CAR_HORN"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "H"        
    AddAction    "CAR_WINDOWS"                0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "W"    
    AddAction    "CAR_RIGHT_BLINKER"            0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_0"    
    AddAction    "CAR_LEFT_BLINKER"            0    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "RCTRL"    
    AddAction    "BACK_ON_TRACK"                0    "B"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "B"        
    AddAction    "REMOVE_GPS_TARGET"            0    "H"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "G"    
    // FlashList => controls_pc_walkmode 
    // 1st/3rd person controls
    AddAction    "AVT_MOVE_LEFT"                1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LEFT"
    AddAction    "AVT_MOVE_RIGHT"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "RIGHT"
    AddAction    "AVT_MOVE_FORWARD"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "UP"
    AddAction    "AVT_MOVE_BACKWARD"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "DOWN"
    AddAction    "AVT_RISE_ZOOM_IN"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAGE_UP"
    AddAction    "AVT_LEAN_ZOOM_OUT"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAGE_DOWN"
    AddAction    "CHAT"                    1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "T"            
    AddAction    "AVT_EMOTES"                1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "INS"
    AddAction    "AVT_LOOK_LEFT"                1    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "AVT_LOOK_RIGHT"            1    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "AVT_LOOK_UP"                1    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "AVT_LOOK_DOWN"                1    "A"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "AVT_SWITCH_VIEW"            1    "C"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "END"
    AddAction    "MAP"                    1    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "M"    
    AddAction    "RADIO_CHANNEL"                1    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "1"
    AddAction    "RADIO_VOL_LESS"            1    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "2"
    AddAction    "RADIO_VOL_MORE"            1    "A"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "3"    
    AddAction    "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES1"            1    "F"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "INS"
    AddAction    "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES2"            1    "F"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "HOME"
    AddAction    "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES3"            1    "F"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "SUP"
    AddAction    "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES4"            1    "F"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "END"
    // ingame menus controls
    AddAction    "MENU_LEFT"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LEFT"            
    AddAction    "MENU_RIGHT"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "RIGHT"
    AddAction    "MENU_UP"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "UP"            
    AddAction    "MENU_DOWN"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "DOWN"            
    AddAction    "ACCESSORIES_LEFT"            2    "G"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_4"            
    AddAction    "ACCESSORIES_RIGHT"            2    "G"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_6"
    AddAction    "ACCESSORIES_UP"            2    "G"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_8"            
    AddAction    "ACCESSORIES_DOWN"            2    "G"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_2"            
    AddAction    "MENU_VALIDATE"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "ENTER"        
    AddAction    "MENU_BACK"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "BACKSPACE"    
    AddAction    "MENU_PAUSE"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "ESC"
    AddAction    "MENU_OPTION_1"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "X"    
    AddAction    "MENU_OPTION_2"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "Y"            
    AddAction    "MENU_HELP"                2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "H"        
    AddAction    "MENU_SORT_INVERT"            2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "END"    
    AddAction    "MENU_SORT_LEFT"            2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "SUP"        
    AddAction    "MENU_SORT_RIGHT"            2    "D"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAGE_DOWN"    
    // on-map controls
    AddAction    "MAP_LEFT"                2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LEFT"
    AddAction    "MAP_RIGHT"                2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "RIGHT"
    AddAction    "MAP_UP"                2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "UP"
    AddAction    "MAP_DOWN"                2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "DOWN"                                                 
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_LEFT"            2    "E"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_RIGHT"            2    "E"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_UP"                2    "E"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_DOWN"            2    "E"        "none"        "0"    "none"
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMIN"            2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_MINUS"
    AddAction    "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMOUT"             2    "E"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "PAD_PLUS"
    // stereo
    // ensure hotkeys for this : will avoid the vast majority of rants about bindings
    AddAction    "TOGGLE_STEREO"                2    "S"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LSHIFT"            
    AddActionAnd    "TOGGLE_STEREO"                            "Keyboard"    "0"    "F1"            
    AddAction    "DISTORSION_DOWN"            2    "S"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LSHIFT"        
    AddActionAnd    "DISTORSION_DOWN"                        "Keyboard"    "0"    "F2"            
    AddAction    "DISTORSION_UP"                2    "S"        "Keyboard"    "0"    "LSHIFT"        
    AddActionAnd    "DISTORSION_UP"                            "Keyboard"    "0"    "F3"    
    // groups inter-exclusions
    // stereoscopic vision keys musn't be used for anything else
    //ActionsExclusions    "SA SB SC SD"

  • After this line
    HIDDefaultConfig            "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944"     "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel"    "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb"


    HIDDefaultConfig            "[YourProductID][YourVendorID]-0-0-00-504944564944"     "Your Device name in TDU2"    "YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb"

    where [YourProductID] is a PID of your device, [YourVendorID] is a VID of your device and YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb is a config file TDU2 will be using for your device. It might be existing xmb file, or new (if new you will need to copy and rename existing config anyway)

  • For example, if you have Fanatec CSW your ProductID is 38E and VendorID is 0EB7. You should add this line to the file:
    HIDDefaultConfig            "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Fanatec CSW"                "DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb"

  • Save your file then drag DevicesPC.cpr.txt over EncryptCpr.bat. Replace DevicesPC.cpr with new DevicesPC.cpr.txt.cpr
  • Hardest part is done.


Now you need to find a config file that will fit. For example if you have Fanatec wheel the wise choice would be to use Fanatec 911 config. To do this copy DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb and rename to DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb. If you have other device procedure is similar but different xmb might work better and you rename it to YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb instead of DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb :).


Be aware that config xmb you use for your device was not created for it. That means you might need to bind buttons by yourself but FFB should work.


Please if you successfully added new device post your device ProductID, VendorID and the xmb you have chosen to use. I will be updating this post with new devices and might add them to UnoficialPatch.


Fanatec CSW (with Fanatec911TurboS config):

HIDDefaultConfig            "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944"    "Fanatec CSW"                "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb"

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      Here is my setup, my dad helped me pinpoint it but complained about lack of centering, so I tuned the centering a little to make it nice and smooth like a real car.
      Also, if you're wondering why Force Feedback is completely disabled, both my dad and I thought it was pointless as a real car's steering wheel doesn't rumble and rip out of your hands when you make a sharp turn.
      -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
      So just asking from the pros here (And someone who has also actually experienced Real driving) is this a good setup? Does anyone have any suggestions?
      [mod edit:] Please do not post images larger than 800w x 640h, use a thumbnail or a text link instead, thanks!
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      right....delay....go to the left....delay....go to the right........ect.
      Same with normal driving if i turn left....delay...move to the centre. Which by then i have usually crashes (especially drifting)
      THE WORST thing about the Force Feedback is if i am driving straight the wheel drives itself left-to-right really violently left-right-left-right-left-right when i am driving straight! Is there somebody with a G25 who also experiences this problem? What setting can you change to rid the delay?
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      Hey everyone, I'm looking to get the Ferrari GT Exp. Wheel. I've read places that it works and that it doesn't, I need a clear answer, does it? Also I read that settings need to be changed to make it work. If that is true, instructions on what settings need to be changed are much appreciated. Thank you all for your help!!!
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