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StarGT :2014 Porsche 918 Spyder e-hybrid Carbon Package


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Hello I am new here, I wonder if it would be possible to adapt this incredible model Porsche Spyder 918, instead of the RUF RT12, for Porsche RUF Syder, as did an attempt (though some bugs) and supreendeu me to drive, I more pleasant sound and driving, the Porsche RUF RT 12, seems very slippery walking on the track with soap.


many thanks to all modders and forum members in advance and particularly the (Star GT) for sharing their creativity and genius.


Sorry bad English.

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You can allways chenge the car name for other ruf but I dont know if it work well or no but try for the RGT the RK mhh I am not sure if work or no.


yes, renamed rkspyder file, but the wheels were built ... weird, I know the correct model would be the RT12 but ..


1- ok cockpit

2 sound ok

3- driving ok


Error wheel bug?


I know the correct model would be the RT12 but ..please !!! It would be much better

if the spyder ruf of course if possible.



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