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[REL] Indicator and arrow mod

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I made a little Mod based on Autohotkey to send arrows via chat. For guys leading a group in TDU2.


For this to work you have to install Autohotkey from here AutoHotkey

Edit one of my scripts, put your buttons in. Then start the script.


You can download the MOD Package here arrow and indicator script pack


For easy way to start your game and the script at the same time. You can use my TDU start and backup tool. Witch you can find with a description here. [REL] TDU2 Backup- and Startingtool by Veno | turboduck forum or you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/download/c0zy080b1ocruqu/TDU+Start+and+Backup.zip



How this works you can see in a little video I made. [TUBE]/685_eMVwAzY[/TUBE]



The package includes three mods / scripts


- "arrow script.ahk" is an easy script with arrows but without indicators and indicator sound.

- "arrow and indicator script.ahk" is with additional indicator and sound.

- "indicator_script.ahk" is without arrows, only indicators and sound


So how will this work.


For example the arrow and indicator script.ahk


you push a button and an arrow appear in the chat. Like this <<------- or that -------->>

your indicator on your car starts and you here a blinking sound


you push same button again and indicator will stop.


Exact description is in the package. English and German.


Hope you like it.

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