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Arnaud Acking

I am a idiot please help me (savegame problem)

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I just realized that I didnt put my TDU2 savegame in my backup disk ( I did a COMPLETE RESTORE to my computer) is there any ways to get my savegame back or at least create a new one with a TOOL not a CHEAT I was LVL 45 with IBIZA at 100% and hawai at 65% I don't want to restart something that cost me almost 1 years if someone can help me please



or can i use a program to try recover my save ?? if yes which one ?

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Here's the good news.

When you delete a file, you only 'mark it for deletion'. It's still there, but Windows/Mac/Linux/DOS will completely ignore it. Download a program like Recuva and you have half a shot at recovering it.



The bad news

When you store new files on that HDD they overwrite files 'marked for deletion'. So installing Windows will overwrite ~8GB of these files, then there's all the extra programs you may have installed. Files are also split into fragments (unless you run defrag often) which increases the chances of part of the file being overwritten and made corrupt if you restore it.



A better strategy

Partition your main drive or use a second one. Use C:\ only for Windows, Programs, and Games - stuff that doesn't need to be backed up.

Store all your data on the other partition/drive. Then you can format C:\ whenever you like. You just have to configure your Windows libraries and Desktop and Downloads folders to use the other drive.



tduck staff

helping idiots since 2007

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