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Any way to disable motion blur?

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Hi guys,



I have searched in the internet to know if there's any tool to disable the annoying motion blur in the game, as well as other effects. Does anyone know if such a tool exists or another way to do it?



Thanks for any help.

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You can modify it in the gamepc.cpr.


I found Knyazev's video on how to decrypt .cpr files, nevertheless I must have done something wrong... :confused:


I did everything in Knyazev's video concerning the decryption process, in the end I was left with a GamePC.cpr_dec and GamePC_enc.cpr, same thing with the SystemPC.cpr. Since Knyazev doesn't show what to do next in his video I just copy/pasted all these files to the TDU2 directory.


I found the motion blur parameter in the GamePC.cpr_dec and set it to "0" and I even set the "PostFX" to "0" as well.


Like this:




PostFXEnabled = 0







I edited it with Notepad++ but Motion blur is still enabled anyway, in Notepad++ there was an option to insert "off" but didn't seem right because 1= enabled and 0 should disable them...

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Yes you did do something wrong. You should NOT be copying anything named _enc or _dec to your main game folder. those names mean nothing to TDU so it wont even look at them. the file name MUST be exactly the same as the original file


Just copy the .cpr file somewhere else (other than your main game folder) Decrypt the file, make changes using notepad++ save the file then re-encrpyt the file again. Make sure its name is exactly the same as the original one and move it to your main game folder.


Remember to make a backup of your orignal, because you WILL be over writing the file and if you screw it up you wont be able to go back

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