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A few things are to do yet.

Treestumps in far distance, and the green of their leaves are to be adjusted yet.

So it's a prerelease version 2.

Couldn't let you wait anymore.

By the way, the yellow streetlines are looking nicer now,

and i lightened up the road just a tiny slightly bit also.

I know the roads don't belong to the summergreen,

but i put it in too, because i like it,

and don't want to put original roads in, when i can do that with my released ones.

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Can't wait to try it ! I've been really busy with my Add-on car slots, sorry I haven't made a video yet for your updated V10 sound. But I did tried it ! I have never felt that much emotion with a sound mod. That new On_High sample is mind blowing good :drool: I had an eargasm :lol: Thank you very much for the very hard job and hours you've spend on it ! Really thank you. :)

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Thank you very much.


Second version updated with weather, also including better settings for,

sun, grassupbuilding, and saturation.

Textures in far distance are 90% done.

Sorry, but it is really much time consuming.

Since i changed the colour of the textures,

i have to make a newly selection for all treestumps in them seperately,

for being able to copy paste the original ones in again, for example.



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Tnx. And thank you for reporting this.

It's the same here. I also tryed very old downloads from my soundmods.

It seems that mozilla finds something in every download from fileupload.

This is new. All that downloads worked normal with mozilla before.

I checked my files on my disc, and the downloaded also with windows defender and antivirus programm.

Nothing bad found at all.

So i guess, fileupload has a general problem.

OR, what i think more it could be, mozilla firefox got corrupted.

At the moment it is sabotaging my links i click, leading me to sites, i didn't want to go at all.

Such as also suspicious antimalware solution sites, where you then would have to pay for the ''help''.

I just ignore it, and stay calm.


Did you scan it with something ?

Or did you not save it to disc, for safety ?


Edit : I uploaded it to google drive, and then downloaded again with mozilla, and no problem.

Fileupload got the problem.


I wait a few days, if they can fix it.

If not, i refresh my uploads with google drive.


Google drive link added in release post.

Don't get irritated by the too big filesize for google virus scan message.

I've tried other smaller files, where mozilla found a problem with fileupload, with google.

And there was no problem told, when downloading it with mozilla.

So this big file should be ok also.

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Thx for your answer. ;)


Or did you not save it to disc, for safety ?
Yep that was it.. :para::)


I download it now over Google and check the *.rar and the files with my own Scanner but all seems fine.

Maybe it's really the Hoster... :hmmm:


You have done a great Job with your Mod...i think that was really hard work for you.

Thank you very much for it and thx for check your files again. :)

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I guess you mean something like this.

Yes it is.

Or big wide cloudfronts, would it be strange, if they move arround ?

They usually stay nearly at the same place, hmm.

Yes these litte wide clouds are possible.

I also could give the sun ist own cloud, like there in the picture.

But this would be not good, as it would be there all the time.

Wide clouds hmm ? Maybe, that's all i say for now, and,

i think there allready is a mod out there, that has that, i've seen it yet in TDU.

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