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Your Top 12 Games

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Guest MrLolololXD

In no particular order (idgas if it's more than 12)


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need for Speed Underground 1

Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Pro Street

Saints Row series

Fallout series

Gran Turismo 3

Gran Turismo 4

Half Life series

S.T.A.L.K.E.R series

Age of Empires 2


As I can't count. :cheeky:

[spoil]Tony Hawk's PS4, Underground 1, 2, American Wasteland and Project 8

V8 Supercars Race Driver (Toca Race driver 1)

Looney Tunes Space Race

The original Stuntman


TDU 1 & 2[/spoil]


I better stop there

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12. GTA III. Because nostalgia :)

11. Euro Truck Simulator 1. Altough it wasn't as good without the world mod. Driving through America and stuff.

10. GTA Vice City. Because it's GTA III but better. I liked GTA III.

9. UK Truck Simulator. Because it was my first Truck Sim, and it came with nice mods too.

8. World of Tanks. Yes I play it often, but the total interest gets out after some time. This would be #1 a year ago.

7. Euro Truck Simulator 2. A nice game for when you're bored. Not my favorite though.

6. GTA San Andreas. Because it's still one of the nicest GTA's.

5. Gran Turismo 6. Lovely graphics and such but it's console, while I am more a PC gamer. Nevertheless I don't really like pure racing games. Cruising it what makes it for me.

4. Forza Horizon. Nice game and better for cruising but I'm not an XBOX fan. Don't have the game though(not even an XBOX :P), my friend has one.

3. GTA IV. Played that so much. Set it full with mods and get some friends and you have a great game.

2. TDU2. Lovely game. Bit overwelmed with mods, since the vanilla game is a bit basic but for gameplay it's fantastic, cruising and racing, or both.

1. GTA V. Just the best free world game I have played yet. Don't have it yet, because I want it for PC. Played it a lot at my friend's though. Make that for PC and this is my favorite game.

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In no particular order, and probably not even 12 as I have an awful memory, doubt I'll remember 12 games:


1. GTA IV: Mainly due to how much I loved the online and even the offline world was just so immense that it kept me coming back so long after I'd completed the game, I don't find the same with GTA V as much.


2. The Sims 3: Was just an awesome game, and an easy way to waste school holidays doing absolutely nothing haha.


3. TDU: Groundbreaking game. Got introduced to it by a friend at school, he described the game and it sounded like what my perfect car game should be, I bought it and it was. It has some negatives though, it was the game that introduced me to you lot :leaves:


4. Forza Motorsport 2: I've never been a big fan of track based games, but FM2 just entertained me more than any GT or FM1 ever had.


5. Battlestations Midway: A bit of a small title, not very well known but I loved the game and spent hours redoing the missions. I was extremely good at the game online, probably the only game on which i could 'pwn noobs'.


6. Ace Combat: Fires of Liberation: I think this game should be looked at and be a legend in how to bring a storyline into a game but not let the storyline take up too much time or distract from where the enjoyment in playing the game is found.



7. GTA San Andreas: The huge map, and I also got the PS2 slimline just for the game :lol: but still some great memories.


8. Mario Party for the wii: Some great drunken times spent playing this at house parties with friends, I get a bit competitive though.


9. Flight Sim X: I loved this game so much, but it was always a game that you needed to add to/modify and my computer at the time was too basic to put up with it.


10. Need for Speed Underground 2: I loved how much you could modify the cars on the game, I don't know if I'd be as amazed by the modification levels now as maybe things have moved on, but at the time it seemed groundbreaking.


11. The Fable series: Probably in my top 3, I loved the superhero power element they brought into the game.


12. Assassins Creed series: The amount of detail put into this game is spectacular, I'll admit the last few games haven't had the same feeling for me but they're still amazing games. The first few games just gave me a great feeling, like when you're in the Colosseum, the history along with the magic storyline is great. I definitely need to play the latest game as soon as possible.


Special Mention: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Red Dead Redemption, The Godfather.

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I've been playing that game and personally ok the story is well done in places but it's hell of a repetitive and very hand-holdy imo.


Yeah but at the same time, you could tell there were some talented people behind the scenes and the initial storyline and plot was there to be improved. I think a sequel would have ironed these issues, especially the repetitiveness, out.

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The production and talent behind the game and it's presentation is top-notch sure but a game is meant to be played and where it suffers imo is the gameplay, feels quite stiff in places especially when on foot chasing after perps and tackling obstacles.

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  1. Live For Speed
  2. rFactor (rF)
  3. Richard Burns Rally (RBR)
  4. netKar-Pro
  5. GP Bikes
  6. Spin Tires
  7. Street Legal Racing: Redline (SLRR)
  8. Test Drive Unlimited (TDU)
  9. Outerra
  10. Space Engine
  11. Grand Theft Auto IV
  12. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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1. Gran Turismo 2 (Playstation 1)

2. Gran Turismo Series (1,3,4,5 and 6) (Playstation 1, 2 and 3)

3. Top Gear (Super Nintendo)

4. Test Drive Unlimited (Computer)

5. GTA San Andreas (Playstation 2)

6. Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (PLaystation 1)

7. Need For Speed(All the rest) (Playstation 1, 2 and 3)

8. Ace Combat (2, 3, 4, 5 and Zero) (Playstation 1 and 2)

9. GTA V (Playstation 3)

10. DiRT 3 (Computer)

11. Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition (Playstation 2)

12. Medal of Honor European Assault (Playstation 2)


I think...

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Most Popular Games (Times Mentioned)


1. Test Drive Unlimited (12)

2. Grand Theft Auto IV (8)

3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (7)

4. Grand Theft Auto V (5)

5. NFS Underground 2 (5)

6. Grand Theft Auto Vice City (5)

7. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (4)

8. Flight Simulator X (4)

9. Red Dead Redemption (3)

10.Gran Turismo 6 (3)

11.Need For Speed II SE (3)

12.Need For Speed: Carbon (3)

13.Sims 3 (3)

14.Need For Speed: Most Wanted (original) (3)

15.Need For Speed 4 : High Stakes (3)

16.Fail Drive Unlimited 2 (2)

17.Battlefield 3 (2)

18.Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2)

19.Minecraft (2)

20.Forza Horizon (2)

21.The Crew Beta (2)

22.Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 (2)

23.Driver San Francisco (2)

24.Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed (2)

25.Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed (2)

26.Euro Truck Simulator 2 (2)

27.Age Of Empires II (2)

28.Simcity 4 (2)

29.Gran Turismo 4 (2)

30.Half Life 2 (2)

31.Gran Theft Auto (2)

32.Gran Turismo 2 (2)

33.Project Cars Alpha (2)

34.Need For Speed The Run (2) < Really?

35.Gran Theft Auto III (2)

36.Need For Speed Underground (2)

37.Need For Speed ProStreet (2)

38.Ace Combat (2)


Choice of Platforms (only specified and exclusives counted)


1.PC (80)

2.XBOX 360 (15)

3.PlayStation 3 (10)

5.PlayStation (8)

4.PlayStation 2 (7)


I've mapped out all of the lists, games and platforms that were mentioned less than twice are not in the list.

So if Huggy94 could add this to the original post that'd be nice

cool stats of turboduck all in all:D

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No order really, just 12 games...


1) Burnout Paradise

2) Fallout 3/NV

3) Mercenary's

4) Pokemon Ruby

5) Test Drive unlimited

6) GTA 5

7) Red Dead Redemption

8) Gran Turismo (Any of them really)

9) BF 1942, Vietnam & 2142.

10) Scott Pilgrum Vs the World, The Game.

11) Sim's 2

12) Little Big planet

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It was a tough choice for me..

anyway here's my list

1. TDU(PC)

2. Tomb Raider - almost all series - (Play Station)

3. NFS Porche Unleashed(Play Station)

4. NBA 2k14(Xbox 360)

5. FIFA 14(PC)

6. POP Warrior Within(PC)

7. Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodlines(PC)

8. Obscure(PC)

9. TDU 2(PC)

10. Castlevania Lords of Shadow(Xbox360)

11. Euro Truck Simulator 2(PC)

12. Sims 2(PC)

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