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Tdu2 *chickenpatch* v 1.0

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I have to agree in every way Minime! And thanks for your offer with doing videos for me, that's great! :)

But I asked Xarlith yesterday and he didn't answer yet... It looked about this:


Dear Xarlith


I have to apologize, for what happened with the Chickenpatch...

I just took your brilliant database and edited it without asking you :(...

This is surely not okay, AND I think, we have to find a solution, that's allright for you.


I accept it, if you not want to let us using your database, but it'd be less profitable for all of us...


I hope we can come to a solution soon! :)


Best regards



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First off; dont get me wrong, I love that you are still modding this game but I think this pack needs more work before it should be released.


The pack still has the same bugs it had when it was first released, which honestly should have been spotted very early.


The rim name is still something in line with Ascari, and they're not even the correct model.

The car is only offered in a special "50 shades of grey" edition even if you pick another color. Repainting the car in a paint shop works though, no big deal really.

The interior is also offered in the 50 shades of grey edition, with the addition of a wonderful shade of blue which is also grey ;), regardless of which color you choose.


I don't know if that's an unfixable bug or not but the cars in UP have their own colors and names.


I never really tried the R8 because I'm not really interested in it, also it's no longer for sale in Hawaii.


Some pictures to show what I mean:








Again, please don't get me wrong, I just think it should be implemented properly, and so far you've done a great job it just needs that final push to the finishline. :)

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Im glad to see that Xarlith agree this work Tduchicken and im very pleased to see that you release the patch.To all that have problems with rims - i try to fix this at last version of the database. Maybe the problem is at the name of 3d files of the rims and the folder that they are placed. I didn't change the name of rims that this cars use and showing in the game.Tonight i will look at my game how is the 3d file names of the rims and i will post here and in wich folder needed to place it to be correct rims of the cars.Because 1 little inaccuracy at the name of 3d model or wrong folder placing leads to default wheels. It's possible too this bug to be and my mistake, i need to revise database. About interior and car paint...for now i don't know how to add other colors for now.

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IMO, it should be also changed the file name. The called Huracan = KZ1 is not a smart. ;)

In addition, the list of added or changed files also would like you to release.


I choose kz1 because is nearest to original file of created huracan and needed changes is least in original database:). I have not tried to rename themselves 3D files with other names, but I think that this would lead to problems with the game, so use the names of unrealized cars for the game.

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thx for this nice patch, keep it going


Man try to add rims from folder lamborg/kz1_f_01 and kz1_r_01 to folder Ascari to see are the rims for Huracan will be changed. Because this rims is default rims for the game and when a car haven't added rims this car will be showed with this rims. I want to see where is the mistake and to be fixed at near future :)

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