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I think that it would be great if we could at least reactivate cars found in DLC released after megapack for XBOX 360 (A4 DTM, Diablo GT, 350Z Roadster and on).


This DLC has been made only for the Xbox 360 version of the game, so more than a reactivation is an addition for the pc version. I guess someone who bought that DLC should help us providing the data. I was unable to find anything on the web by myself.

The sad thing is that all the TDU dlcs got removed from the marketplace, so even if i want to turn on my console on and buy it, i can't. :jealous:


Shame on you, Microsoft.

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Hi everyone, just a small post to announce TDUF 2.0 is in development, and will feature some fixes and materials handling from Database Editor (read-only for now, I hope modifications will be pos

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Hey Djey ! :) Great thread and thanks to continuing working under the hood :bow: :D


I've got a question about Traffic cars, Will it be possible to add more different traffic models in the future ? I'm dreaming about a mix of all the traffic cars mod + Atari models + 1.68 models & Patch 1975 traffic cars. And is the traffic cars is running on the same DB engine like the regular car we drive (for exemple slots) ?

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Traffic vehicles obey to the same rules as driveable ones and get their own slots in CarPhysics Database, except their repartition depends on other configuration files.

Adding new traffic vehicles may cause issues in online mode and it will create spawn bugs (as observed with people which are not using patch 1.68b).

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Currently polishing a few things to make first TDUF release a breeze, you should expect a gift in the next hours

I'll try to release next versions a bit more quicker, as I had to set everything up.


Also, I've added a new link for donations onto this first post and in my signature.




First release is ready, you'll find it here: http://bit.ly/1CQx13H


Please stress these tools and help me with making them better :)


As always, don't forget to backup your files.

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