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TDUF - Most advanced modding tools for TDU so far!

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So i'm tinkering with the values in TDUF for the Tesla Model SP85D (also with an eye on the Roadster Sport) to make the stats match to upcoming new versions (basically faster). So i can edit some values in TDUF but not the name of the vehicle? What tool(s) do you use to edit the displayed name of the car in game?

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TDUF 2.0.0 is live! See Downloads section. Enjoy!

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Hi everyone, just a small post to announce TDUF 2.0 is in development, and will feature some fixes and materials handling from Database Editor (read-only for now, I hope modifications will be pos

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Of course it is with TDUF. All you have to do is using a custom value (called resource) for Car_realname or (Model_Name + Version_Name). These fields are in Datasheet tab.


Creating resource is rather straighforward: click ... button on the right then either select an existing value or create your own.


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Guest Zero

I just encountered a problem where installing the patch slows the game down to slideshow framerate. probably has to do something a dinput.dll file. not sure what to do.

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