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TDUF - Most advanced modding tools for TDU so far!

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So i'm tinkering with the values in TDUF for the Tesla Model SP85D (also with an eye on the Roadster Sport) to make the stats match to upcoming new versions (basically faster). So i can edit some values in TDUF but not the name of the vehicle? What tool(s) do you use to edit the displayed name of the car in game?

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TDUF 2.0.0 is live! See Downloads section. Enjoy!

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Hi everyone, just a small post to announce TDUF 2.0 is in development, and will feature some fixes and materials handling from Database Editor (read-only for now, I hope modifications will be pos

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Of course it is with TDUF. All you have to do is using a custom value (called resource) for Car_realname or (Model_Name + Version_Name). These fields are in Datasheet tab.


Creating resource is rather straighforward: click ... button on the right then either select an existing value or create your own.


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Guest Zero

I just encountered a problem where installing the patch slows the game down to slideshow framerate. probably has to do something a dinput.dll file. not sure what to do.

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I was checking the wiki and unable to find the instruction on how to tune car power parameters and the transmission ratios.

So far i know this:

In TDUF backup and then load the C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\DataBase and find the car.

Tuning tab:
coef_grip: increasing this value car will have more grip and less wheel spin

Tuning tab, click tuning pack, right arrow icon, "Pack 3" tab (if you have level 3 tuned car), right arrow icon next to AFTER_MARKET_PACKS
Increase power_ratio

There is also Speed_ratio and Acceleration_ratio ratio, not sure how these differ from power ratio.

There are also more parameters like:

coef_accel (Tuning tab)

Regarding transmission ratios (gear XY ratio, Final ratio), i tried to play with it but the result is confusing. For example i would like to widen it because car got more power..

Thank you

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AFAIK you can't tune gear ratios on tuning packs, only apply coefs to basic physical parameters. If you wanna apply new gearbox settings, the only way to go is to use a dedicated vehicle slot in car physics data and set tuning to use this slot instead. You may always point to the same 3d models files etc. Platinum uses this trick a lot to change vehicle body for example.

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TUTORIAL: First steps in TDUF software, how to export car modification to a file ( file can be shared with others who can then import it in their DB using TDUF tool by @Djey )

Select database:


Then click "Load" and select TDU folder:


Select car you want to export to a file:


Click "Select" to confirm car selection and "Use all" to export all the car data:


I can use this export file (patch) to later import it and overwrite car data in database. Sharing performance/tuning of the car with others or to revert my modifications to the previous state.

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Hi, anyone knows how to fix the issue where the TDUF modified car is hitting the rev limitter without me pushing the gas pedal?

This usually happen when i start the car in neutral position using gas pedal. I release gas immediately, but even the car is in gear it is not moving and hitting the rev limiter. After some seconds it start working. I do not think that it happen always, or sometimes it takes significantly less time. UPDATE: when i apply just small power (gas) at car start, the issue is prevented.. yet if anyone knows what may be causing this?


How to discover which car is stored in mini.json export (patch) file (in order to backup original before importing)?
and below the first line is ref value and when searching this value in TDUF (there is "REF" button), it is likely that it will jump to the right car?

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