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WIN A COPY OF The Crew!! - Thanks to Ivory Tower & Ubisoft [WINNERS CHOSEN]


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In one ear & out the other, in 60 seconds by BAk99


Paul was enjoying a lovely awakening from his maggot like casing when he smelt a change in the air. 'Asphalt!', he said. It must of been the smell of burning rubber that got him up & awake. He flew outside of his new home, (a Mcd's cheesburger box lying in the back seat of a Fiat 500) & was swiftly swatted against the interior black leather by Graham. Graham had just pulled up next to a gleaming red Seat Leon owned by Vince. Vince was at the trackday to set free Daizy from the Squirrel Mafia who had captured her during a nut heist & she wouldn't give up the nuts. You see, Daizy was his girlfriend but was cheating on Vince with Graham. They met online on some site a couple of years back called dateboat.. grapedate..? or something like that but anyway, the Squirrel Mafia all ran in Evo VIII's. Vince surely can't compete with his city car Seat so he asked Ramonde if he could use his Honda NSX to smoke em' right at the starting line. Frank the armadillo agreed.


Ernie sprays a line to create a start line while screaming 'mmaaaaaaaaaaahhhh' in agony as goats aren't meant to have smelly scented anal glands. Clancy is standing at the end of the line, with a look of disgust to be quite honest. He lifts one eyebrow, two eyebrow & on three Vince & The Squirrel Mafia are off! Cammy is shouting down the microphone & biting his tongue in all the excitement from the announcers tower which echos across track. 'Vinth hath completelyth outsmartedth the Sthquirrel Mathia! He isth already more thanth thwenty second secondsth ahead of the Sthquirrel Mathia Evo'th! The Squirrel Mafia DNF & Penelope fluttered her backside to signal the race was over. The Squirrels admitted defeat to Vince & they released daizy from her Pentagram shaped cell. They all lived happily every after, including Paul. THE END :duck:


(PC) :lol: Not exaclty what was asked but they are all present.

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I swear, each time Diablo references our animal farm he makes up a new one.
Partly true, I actually check out random conversations or mentions on here and think of the animal that works for that scenario and if there isn't one, add a new one.


And yes I am nuts, you all know that.



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Sad winner - written by tomsolo. (All rights reserved, including filming rights.)


A beautiful summer race day and a terribly angry team boss. Thus began.


- I do not care how you do it, but we must win! Do you understand? Do not stand in for me as bunch of losers! So let's do it the roll call!


- Vince?

- Meeeh!

- Squirrel Mafia?

- ...

- Squirrel!!!!

- Aye aye, sir. Sorry sir.

- Clancy ? Where is the Clancy? Where?

- He's in the hospital, sir. Sick.

- What a sick?!

- Three pedals, one foot. It was the Clancy's problem.

- Yuck! Next, Frank?

- I'm here, boss.

- Penelope?

- Yeeees?

- Nevermind. Cammy?

- Quack-quack!

- Ernie?

- I'm not here, sir.

- Idiot. Daizy?

- Meeeeeeeeeoooooohahahaha. Sir.

- Very funny. Ramonde? Now someone tell me where is Ramone?

- Up here, sir.

- Graham? Graham? WTF, who are these girls?

- Sorry, sir. They are my... cousins... of cousins... of cousins... of...

- Enough, Paul?

- Zzzzz!

- Well done, now listen to me!


- Shame. It's a shame. Look at yourselves: like the animals! And you, you want to win any race?


Thus began, as we said, but unfortunately came a huge strorm and the race was canceled so the animals lived happily until he died.


The next day.




(Rest in PC).

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Here's my entry...


A track day with friends!

It was a clear Saturday morning, and a bunch of friends were standing in front of the circuit gates like a group of students waiting for the break after classes. But it ain't a normal group of friends, we'll see. The old man opened the gate and they rushed to their cars to see who was the first to do it to the pitlane. After a small briefing of the circuit (boring!) they were ready to go... Well not everybody. Vince was getting his F430 washed, he's a "cleanaholic". No problem, he would get on the track later.


-Are we ready to go? Are we ready to go? Are we ready to go? - Squirrel mafia said from his Evo

-Mmmmmmyeeeeaahhh - Answered Daizy from her BMW X6M (Where would you fit a cow?)


And off they went... First laps were for warming up the tires, nobody wants to go sideways and into the gravel early. Though, Clancy had problems with his 3 pedal '69 Mustang and was going way too slow, but after some turns (and some unwanted visit to the grass) he got up the pace with everybody.

Then there was Penelope on her pristine-white RR Wraith, not what you would bring to a track day, but being a peacock means you must have some style. And being Albino means that you need a color to match it... So there you go.

Everything was fun, and by the midday there were no signs of Vince on the track. Everybody was hungry, so they concluded it was a nice moment for having a cheeseburger and some fries. As soon as Ramonde parked his Cobra (no roof suits great a giraffe) right by Vince's car, and immediately a "WTF" expression came to his face....


-What did you do? For god's sake! - Ramonde shouted!

-What? - Said Vince - Isn't it fabolous?

-Oh, you spent your whole morning to ruin a car that way, you know there's only one "Purrari" and it isn't an F430 even!


-Okay, let's grab something for eat.

-Cool, such an art session got me hungry.

It was a big table and everybody was around just having their lunch. When from the other end of the table somebody shouts

-Ramonde, you know nothing about art!

-Stop it Vince! - He replied...

-It wasn't me!!

-Who was it then..?

A wing was pointing at a Skunk...

-Ernie was... - Said Cammy, and continued dipping her fries in ketchup


Everybody laughed, except for one who was taking a picture and tweeting it. Graham was too busy with his cellphone, and it seemed like a businessman, though he was just pretending to be one. Instead he was chatting in whatsapp and uploading pics to social media.

Suddenly everybody was asking were Paul was...

-Oh crap! He's trapped in my 911 GT3, let's go! I'm sure he's missing us - Said Frank..

The lunch was over and everybody jumped to their cars for another shot at the track. Now everybody was on the track, even Vince and his particular Ferrari. And Paul... He got a great time inside the heated cabin of the Porsche... But he was not mad he was ready for having fun with friends once again...


End! :duck:


By the way, I'm going for the PC version! ;)



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Farming Laps by Ahautcar whyamievendoingthis


A new day had dawned on the smoky farm. The fiery colossus of light and warmth rose majestically above the edge of nowhere; the sun was introduced to an array of low rumbling, grumbling sounds and all manner of mysterious beast-like grunts...

TRACK DAY!! :msuh:

Yes, the lovely bunch of tduck animals had finally endeavored to take some time off from their regular day-to-day grovelling and grass-eating and littering and what-not. The cars were all out and racing around the obnoxiously-large pen, led chiefly by Ramonde the giraffe's giant, colourful Komatsu 930E, because tall animals need tall cars, right? Or in this case, a 24-feet-high truck larger than my house. Wait, am I supposed to be narrating? Who am I, really? What?


Following Ramonde was fancy Clancy's fancy Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, whose beautiful red car won the adoration of the whole squad aside from the giraffe's, who naturally was very critical of every aspect of its design. Frank was in his indestructible supercharged Marauder, which, quite frankly, complemented the armadillo's scaly armour. Penelope was as radiant as ever in her AC Cobra, painted to match the albino that she is. Finally, at the rear, was Clammy in his black Hudson Hornet and Ernie in his matte grey Tesla Roadster, who could have been mistaken for the lazy Graham were it not for his putrid odour.

"Whereth Vinth?" shouted Clammy to the goat-wannabe skunk, both neck-and-neck whizzing at 85 mph. Clammy sported his usual nose plugs to shield himself from Ernie's repulsive smell.

"Silly Clammy, I am Vince." replied the sneaky skunk.

Clammy flashed a quick facepalm towards Ernie before getting his answer. There at the edge of the pen was Vince the goat, washing both his Audi R8 and himself, somehow at the same time, just like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and the day before...

A few laps had already gone by within a blink of an eye and everyone squeaked and quacked happily with each one, enjoying themselves unlike last year's track day that was unfortunately attacked by the rare, short-lived yet devastating family of flies, known only by mutters through the tduck family, as Paul. The day had been going smoothly, and the squad was missing only Graham the goat, who was still sulking back inside the farmhouse over the failure of his dating site and his...uncomfortable tweets.

Suddenly, the squad had been attacked by a bunch of small fast-moving furry things - it was the Squirrel Mafia! Drunk as all hell, and fearfully enraged, they were out to grab the nearest nuts they could find. And no, I'm not talking about the regular fruit that squirrels like to eat...

"Baaaaaaaaah" screamed stinky Ernie, who tried to express his pain and carry on with his ridiculous goat impersonation act at the same time. He tried to fend off the squirrels from eating his nuts but eventually crashed into the haystack walls of the pen. No more racing for him!

Meanwhile, the other animals were trying to drive as fast as possible in order to escape from the wrath of the furious Mafia. But no, that was not the only party pooper of the day, as Ramonde uttered a long, annoyed moan atop his towering Komatsu (can giraffes even moan?). It was Daizy, the slow yet malevolent cow who sought to roundhouse-kick any car that came in her path. Ramonde swerved to the left into the dirt fields to try and escape from Daizy's superpowered legs of doom, and he almost suffered a kick when a fancy red Alfa Romeo appeared out of the horizon; behind the wheel was Clancy in a frenzy. "You're not going to get your legs on Ramonde!"

"MoOooooooOoOOOooooo", went the cow as she sailed out of the pen from the impact of the flamingo's car.

"Thanks, I appreciate the help!" came the voice of Ramonde from the driver's seat. Clancy raised all three of his eyebrows and smiled, hoping that the giraffe had finally set aside his silly obsession with art criticism.

"But you still lack the inner expression of your--" And with that Clancy spun his wheels as fast as he could to get away from Ramonde.

It had been a cumbersome day - except for Frank who was untouchable in his Marauder and Penelope whose timeless beauty invited no evil - what with the annual threat of Daizy and the murderous Squirrel Mafia, the entire squad was exhausted as they gathered around in the farmhouse. Despite the troubles during the day, each of them had thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made memories to be recalled for ever, those same memories that will be shared with each other for years to come. Baa, moo, quack, bleugh. Fin.


[PC plz]


Can't believe I just did that without smoking some of every kind of drug out there O.o

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Guest .:TestDriver:.

My first language is Persian Sorry for my terrible trashy awful rubbish grammar. (I edit this if any hideous grammar error I saw).

before reading my story. I should comment that I liked all the other stories here. Good job people.


I'm going for the PC Version of The Crew.

I am in Iran. I can't buy Crew legally Hope I could be a winner but I do believe the winner should deserves to be the winner.


once upon a time, TDUCK animals decided to have some fun by racing their cars on a track.... so they started for everyone to come, Once all the animals gathered together they fired their cars.... and they also had some viewers,too... two of them were Joe and Mark.

-WOW that car is FXXK...

- what did you say Joe? don't say bad words to the cars, respect them.

- No mark no no... that's FXXK...

- Joe better to be quiet.

As Joe uncomfortably got quiet, the race began.


The race started with colorful beautiful cars, from a blue Citroen 2CV with 4 turbo chargers and a nitro to a heavily restored red Porsche Carrera GT which some folks claim that it was for a famous Hollywood actor that had been heavily destroyed, however we have no idea who that actor was.


Anyways, the quadro turbo charged 2CV started so quickly and was owned by Daizy the cow, he was sooo happy when he saw he is currently on the first position suddenly Frank passed him with an incredible speed with GTA Spano and said Hola Chico!. As Daizy tried to accelerate more to gain the first position in the race, another car just passed him, that was Clancy's car an MVM 110 which is an chinese one-airbagged three cylinder car. "wait what.... how a quadro turbo charged car could just be behind this trashy car?" Daizy told himself. So he pushed the gas pedal as hard as he could and bang.... car explode into peaces while he was sitting on the car with only a steering wheel. Frank was so happy that no one is near him. suddenly he saw a car actually flying on the air and he tried not to let the car passes him so he wisely decreased the speed not to damage the car and screw up himself in the coming turn. but amazingly the flying car jumped over the roads and skipped the turn and became the first one, after Frank turned successfully he saw the mysterious flying car is next to him he just couldn't believe it. Who is in that mysterious car? we still don't know... as these two were racing, the 4th driver who was Ramonde with Toyota Prado was driving not too lose the game and also tried not to give the 4th title to the 2 cars behind it. the 2 cars were Graham's VW Beetle and Erine's Porsche 911. but because of the strange way that Graham drove, he lost the 5th title and got passed by Vince's super clean VW Golf GTI but Vince was unable to pass or even come near to Erine so he activated the nitro and passed him, he is now 5th.

Clacy who was in the 3rd rank saw a Prado is coming to him, he quickly called the Squirrel Mafia boys known as bad boys to take care of Ramonde (driver of the Toyota). Those mafia boys appeared around the moving Prado with 4 pairs of black Porsche Panamera GT 4S and tried to stop him but Penelope a sexy attractive driver with her beautiful yellow Ferrari F40 showed up and strangely, you could see heart instead of eye in the eye of the bad boys. they changed their mind to follow the F40. but Penelope pushed a button in her car while sending a kiss to the bad boys as the mafia got drunk by the kiss Penelope sent, they could see a missile coming to them and before they make up their mind what to do, all of their cars exploded. Penelope is now in the same rank of what Ramonde is.



Look joe... that flying car is first!


-Joe... today you are so rude


As he was tried to continue speaking mark didn't let him and said Frank is 2nd, Clacy is 3rd, 4th one is Prado, Vince is 5th and Erine and Graham are 5th and 6th.

-what about Squirrel Mafia and Daizy?

-they were eliminated

-duh... I see.


all the people could see all of the drivers were about to reach the finish line, while people could smell the gas and tire smoke all around the track and hear the harmony that those engine sounds were making.


"I can hear a Porsche Carrera GT's heart" Granham told him self while was tweeting a message containing "Wanna need a girl friend? come to my website we give a GF for free, 30 days money back guaranty no sign up no duh" during driving. with all that said, he was correct, The Porsche Carrera GT skillfully passed him and 5 other cars so he was now 2nd.


the flying car which is a new car that is owned by Cammy uncovered that Paul is coming to him. "He'ththth (he's) coming to be firthththt (first), I won't let him". but Paul with his prefect driving talent passed him. Cammy angrily said"thththcrew thiththth (screw this)" and tried to catch Paul.


-Oh mark look, Cammy wants Paul to FXXK...

while Joe was speaking to Mark, he stopped him and said "Joe... DO NOT SAY BAD WORDS"

-Gash... You don't let me continue my words...

-Joe for god sake, Look at the race and be quite

-Okay dude. chill out.

- (-_-)


Suddenly Paul looses the control and got some J turn and then hit a light bulb and after that hit a tree. Although the car got fire but because people haven't been allowed to turn on their cellphone to just record the scenes, they managed to survive Paul.


Cammy was happy to be in the first position


"Oh lord did you see that?" joe said to Mark.

"Yes... fortunately Paul is now alive and after some minutes that we pulled him out of the car, the car exploded"said Mark;


while they were talking. Penelope reached Cammy however Cammy finished first and after him other racers finished the race.


Fortunately the bad boys,Paul ,Daizy and Graham with his strange driving style were not in a bad mood and after race they all started a party to celebrate their weird day.

While they were enjoying party, Joe and Mark were watching their cars...well except those crashed.

"See Mark, that's FXXK." said Joe.

"What the heck do you mean?" said mark.

"that flying car is the all new Ferrari FXXK." said joe.

"Oh boy.... so that's what you meant"" said mark to Joe.

and both were laughing and happy.

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Well after around a day of seeking out and herding up the Staff to have a read of these we have come to a decision. *drum roll*


The Winner of our 'tduck animals' Story Competition is..........




and since a code we had does not need used anymore we decided to give it away in this contest and so Winner #2 is.....




Congrats to the two of you, you will shortly be receiving a PM with your codes.



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I-I won?



Haha wow, truly honoured to be a part of this community. When I first saw the thread I said to myself 'meh not gonna win this anyway' but then I thought to might as well make up a crazy story: who knows, I might be able to snatch a code?

Thanks again and I really enjoyed the other stories too, they were great :lol: Congrats to D4N005H too!

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Guest .:TestDriver:.

I.... I just.... can't believe it..... I won? thank you guys.... I love you guys... Hope health and wealth for you!


Congratulations to the other winner, Ahautcar. All the stories were creative and good, for real. This contest not only gave the winners a prizes but also proved us that there is always a chance to get what you have dreamed one day. Don't give up your hopes..... Can you just believe how happy I am now? thanks guys. especially thanks to Diablo for his great job and also thanks to the creators and publishers of the game.

نیکی شما را جبران میکنم.

Thanks again. <3 Love and peace.

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