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Test Drive Unlimited World Editor V0.04


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That sounds amazing.


I found it always annoying how stupid Atari created the houses and their surroundings. There´s so much potential for "high class neighbourhoods" on this beautiful island, but I think it has been wasted totally.


Maybe I have to upgrade my good old computer to enjoy all the new mods, almost ten years after... :D

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The day is coming...


Is good to know it is good that the days of waiting and determination have ended.


For example;

many years since it has never achieved such improvement that has remained essentially this game a search for opportunities.


Now this user (Speeder) he has achieved one of the most things most awaited in this game (TDU1).

Now we can edit the whole world of this game (TDU 1).

Is a great happiness know the days of new issues and modifications have arrived and have many more new ways to customize the software (TDU1).

Only need to know a little of this engineering but I know that in the future this will not be necessary and really gets us excited that something like this has happened, according to the estimates of the mods many that have come to light, we will be watching big changes. It has fallow this game one memorable until the end of time.

We are waiting for a new day with new improvements and developments of a great software (TDU1) which enables changes and much more fun.


Thanks for reading this and thanks very much all you! (modders).

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