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[PC] Can't log in with old account

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A long time ago I played TDU 2, but then around mid 2011 I got bored of it and stopped. I had a save with a lot of money, lots of cars and lots of achievements done and I put it in My Documents and started the game and it tells me that my password is incorrect. I went to Testdriveunlimited2.com and tried to log in with my account and I couldn't. So I click on recover password and I type in my email and it tells me this "Unable to send mail. Please contact the site admin.". I have no idea how to do that.


How can I revive my old account? If I have to start all over again, I don't think I'll bother playing. I wanted to drive some nice cars, install some mods, I don't want to be going through career again.


Thank you!


EDIT: temporary, I'm playing it offline with universal launcher, but I'd really like to play online again. :D

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