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Salon de TDUCK: New Car Releases

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The Mercedes-AMG Project One has arrived:







Images from Jalopnik


  • 1.6 litre V6
  • 4 electric motors
  • 1000hp+
  • €2.275 million price tag
  • 50,000rpm front axle, jesus


It's fair to say that the engineers appear to have won the argument against the designers, this thing looks purposeful rather than beautiful. Can't wait for it to start making its way around reviewers / TV shows / the press.

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The new TVR Griffith finally got shown off and my god is it a looker. It's not quite the carnival of sneering, ludicrous, plastic, slashed and vented danger which would have been a pearlescent painted TVR from 10 years ago, but it still looks mean. Really looking forwards to seeing and hearing it on the track. Especially since they're taking it to LeMans





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It has a lot of potential and it does seem to be like they've put a lot of effort into it, this isn't a half arsed attempt at a sports car....... but really, those pictures? They're absolutely awful and do nothing to sell the car. The photos i've seen online of the car in a more natural setting make it look so much better, which makes me wonder why TVR distributed them awful pictures the other day.


Love the alloys, love the side exhausts, can't wait to see it on TG / TGT :)

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Liking the TVR the front reminds me of Bertone Mantide for some reson. Is there any info about the powerplant?


AMG One meh, for that kind of money id rather have Regera.


Yeah, all 3 are present and you can choose which of the 3 you want showing.


A very classy solution compared to Mercedes' dual screens in the S class coupé, which is a clear rival to this car. I know which of the two I'd have, definitely the Bentley.


Same I hate those new Mercedes for those ipads

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I love the rear, there's so much aggression to it and from a low down angle it's a stunner. The front however I still need to warm up to, I feel it could have been more aggressive to match the back but at the moment they feel like 2 different cars front to rear. In the screenshot below you can see what I mean with the rear, the lights suit the shape really well and the rear arch is big and wide which is just :drool:




Overall I like it, here's hoping I see one in person (unlikely)

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The front of the new AMG Project One reminds me too much of the more recent Mercedes buses. It just puts me off the design because of that. As for the new TVR Griffith, again I like everything about it but the front feels unfinished in its design. Maybe if they had called it something other than Griffith it would work better as perhaps I am still looking for design traits of the previous car.

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