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Cars disappeared?

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I recently unpacked my game and install " TDU2_Patch _ ( for_unpacked ) ", the files of cars are in my game directory "Euro\Bnk\vehicules" but I don't see them in the game.


For exemple the Bugatti Veyron, I've got all the files (install by the patch) but in the game I've just the 4 spycker in the dealer and the veyrons do not appear... :/


files screenshot : http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/872506Sanstitre.png


I've just see it's the same for the R8. I've the files in my game directory but not the car in the game :/


Many of the others cars installed by the patch work perfectly (supra, R34, etc...). I was not able yet to verify everything but for the Veyrons that worries me:/


I am French so sorry for my a little bit boorish English ^^

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If you have found some (even just 1) of the new cars then the patch has worked 100%


Not all cars are in the same place they used to be. Some were moved to other dealers.

some where available in 2 dealerships before, like Italian north and Italian south. but now some are only available in Italian north.


Make sure you look in ALL car dealerships (and make you you have discovered ALL car dealerships as well) if you haven't found all of the dealerships then some of your missing cars MIGHT be there.

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Ok I've launch the game by the original directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2\...) and the 2 veyrons appear !


Thus I unpack again my original directory files without installing the path, test it and the veyron's appear but just 2 (16.4 and Grand Sport) of the 5 version (16.4, Grand Sport, Centenaire, sang bleu and Super Sport) while all Veyron's are in my directory file.

I apply the patch on this new directory file and all Veyrons disappear...


It's visibly not a car replacement problem (I've delete all spyckers files and the dealer as no more car...).


Any one as an idea ?

I just really want the Super Sport model... is there any way to introduce the files of it on the packed game ?

If yes I just have to buy it on the packed game and relaunch my game on the unpacked game if it's just a dealer problem :)


Thanks for your help :)

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