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TDU2VPE Release


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we're I can find version of the game?

OS Win10 Pro

TDU2VPE is in a folder with other mod files for TDU2, not in the same folder where game is installed

"db_data.dec" is in the same folder of TDU2VPE and it's size is 1193KB


I've tried to move TDU2VPE in a dedicated folder but is the same


EDIT: TDU2 DLC2 v0.34 the infos about my game

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Guest MickieMcGee

Yo man, have same trouble and this message:


"no mapping for the unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page"

answers to your questions are


v 0.34.b16

win7 maximal


db.data.dec is 1157 kb

The game is unpacked, no playin' yet

Can I solve it smhow? 

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There was a report of the same trouble as before. However, no solution has been found. I am continuing the investigation.
About tdu2vpe, ver3.5.1.8 is the latest. And, the size of db_data.dec should be 1192 KB. The unpack method may be different. Please try unpacking again using "Xarlith: TDU 2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1]"  : https://turboduck.net/topic/31583-xarlith-tdu2-unpacker-gui-v11-japan-language-support/

Edited by binbow
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Regarding "no mapping for the unicode" error:

It is a measure that can not be expected so much, please try the following.
Is the folder name with tdu2vpe and the folder name with tdu2 file after unpacking made up of alphabets only? If not, it may be improved if it is a folder name consisting only of AZ characters such as "TEST". 

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Can anyone identify this error message?

"Access violation at adress 00856FB4 in module 'TDU2VPE.exe'. Read of address 00C46030."

I get this error when i tried to load the data

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Unfortunately, this kind of error is often not well understood.
Is the file size of db_data.cpr 1192 kB? There have been cases where similar errors occurred because files with different file sizes were used.

Try unpacking again using the TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] 


Edited by binbow
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On 2/24/2015 at 5:47 PM, binbow said:

TDU2 VehiclePropertyEditor: Ver3.5.1.8 released.


I reverted public version to ver

Ver3.5.1.9 released yesterday canceled because it turned out that I made a bug in "export all items to CSV" function.


Changes - ver3.5.1.8

Fixed: An error that "db_data.dec file is missing" occured.

FIxed: Brand name change function was not working properly.


Changes histry

  Reveal hidden contents


Changes - ver3.5.1.7

Fixed: Bug that minus (-) value can not be entered.


Changes - ver3.5.1.6

Fixed: Bugs where editing on tire, rim, brand name was not functioning properly.

Fixed: Suppressed the potential to rise the error "Another application is using db_data.dec" as much as possible.

Other, minor bug modification


Changes - ver3.5.1.4

Fix: When importing "_tireDB.csv" an error message dialog rise.

Fix: The brand name editor in "Name" tab page was not working properly.


Changes - ver3.5.1.3

Fix: When loading specific vehicle data, there was a bug in which an error "No Unicode mapping ..." was displayed.


Changes - ver3.5.1.2

Fix: The error dialog box "Not enough space" error is no longer displayed.

- If an "insufficient space" error occurs, a log file is generated indicating the point at which the error occurred.


If an "insufficient space" error occurs, try re-importing by referring to the log, shortening the character string length, etc. If it is the same length or shorter than the length of the original string, you can reliably import it.

Also, the map of the space for the string is refreshed each time vpe is started. If an error occurs, restarting vpe and re-importing may fix the error.


Changes - ver3.5.1.1Fixed: Suppressed unnecessary "Not enough spaces.." error.


Note: There are the following problems in this version.

If you import csv generated when using different generations of db_data.cpr, "Not enough spaces.." errors are more likely to occur.

For example, when importing csv generated in up04 when running "v34b16 system", "Not enough spaces" error occurs.

If "Not enough spaces" error occurs, please stop the process of tdu2vpe by Task Manager. (Although you can quit tdu2vpe by clicking the OK button several hundred times.)


Changes - ver3.5.1.0

New: The following items can be exported to CSV file. In addition, it is now possible to read and reflect those edited CSV files.

- All items concerning the performance of the vehicle

- Tire / rim combination

- Interior and exterior colors

- Placing the vehicle in the dealer


Changes - ver3.5.0.8

Fixed: A bug that rewrites the value of gravity center height.


Changes - ver3.5.0.7

The following was added:

- Chart for speed vs rpm per gear ratio.

- Display for the estimated maximum speed after changing the gear ratio and the predicted value of 0 - 100km / h time.

Fixed: Some minor bugs.

Note: The above values are rather rough values, and in reality there may be big differences. Please be aware.


Changes - ver3.5.0.5Fixed: The phenomenon that the display of model name garbled. Notation like "R34 GT - R Nür" has become possible.

Special thanks:

As for color change, information from mitkop81 has become very helpful.


Changes - ver3.5.0.3

New: Changes related to car body color and indoor color are now available.

Fixed: Reexamined the code that may be dependent on the Windows version.

Others: "IniLdr.exe" which was included in the old version is no longer needed.


Changes - ver3.3.0.5

Fixed: The bug by which a vehicle name and data are overwritten without intending.

.When you work such as the following, there was a bug in which the vehicle name and the data is overwritten.

.Load data "Audi TTRS Roadstar" - Change vehicle list to "Audi S3" - Click the "Apply" button --- Then S3 is overwritten by TTRS.


Cahnges - ver3.3.0.4

Fixed: Access violation error had occurred in a particular vehicle.

- If not find assigned rim, VPE will look for the unused Car-ID, and register the rim set to the database automatically.


Cahnges - ver3.3.0.1

Fixed: an error occurs when loaded unreleased vehicle data.


Cganges - ver3.3.0.0

It has become possible to assign a plurality of rims. Like other normal vehicle, you can select the rim at the time of purchase, it was able to or replace the rim in the tuning shop.



Download link: TDU2VPE_ver3.5.1.8.zip



- TDUdec.exe; This tool change the db_data.cpr. So, this tool calls TDUDEC.EXE inside the program. Therefore, you must have tdudec.exe. You can download tdudec.exe from here: Luigi Auriemma

- V34 build 16 or later based unpacked game files.


Screen shot:

  Reveal hidden contents







Place TDU2VPE.EXE a suitable folder after extract the zip.

Important; It is desirable to copy all files to the newly created folder outside of "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)".

Older version user, it is necessary to overwrite the TDU2VPE.exe.


Before Use:

Please specify the location of TestDrive2.EXE and TDUdec.exe at the "Setup" tab page before use.

After you have finished filling the respective folder name, please press the "Done,Save" button. The program will restart with the new configuration.



- Read Vehicle data:

In the section of "Target vehicle", select the Vehicle, to read the data by pressing the "Load" button.

The current value is displayed in the column "Setting".


- Edit a data:

Enter a new value to "Modify to" column.


- Apply new value to db_data.cpr:

Press the "Apply" button.


- Export/Inport:

By pressing the "Export" button, you will be able to Export the data of the vehicle that is currently loaded.

The Export data can be read at any time by pressing the Import button. This feature may used to make a backup for the specific vehicle data.


- Copy/Paste:

By pressing the Copy button, you will be able to temporarily store the value of the page you are currently viewing.

By pressing a button Paste, the value is copied to the edit field if Saved value of the page.

Copy and Paste is performed for each page. And last stored value of each page is saved until the end of the tool.

If you use this feature, for example, you can work easily, such as to change the physical size of the vehicle to the same value as the other vehicle.


About changing the color:


  Reveal hidden contents


Important points:

After adding / modifying colors, please do the process of placing the vehicle newly in the dealer. If the vehicle has already been registered, please delete it once and register again.


Edit the color name: - Click on the color name on the color list.

- Edit name in edit box.

- Click the "Done" button.

Remove the color:

- Click on the color name on the color list.

- Click "Remove" button.


Add new color:

- Change "offset" on the "Add color" panel and find the color you want to add.

- Click "Add" button.


You can also select a color on the color list by clicking "Open Color DB viewer".

- Click the color you want to add on the list and click on "Use selected" to fill that color in the Color name field on the "Add Color" panel.








About changing the tire size;

  Reveal hidden contents

The combination of a large number of tire and the rim is built into the game. If you want to change the tire size, it is more easy to use by selecting the appropriate combination from among its combination.

You can also change the tire size by changing yourself, such as rim size in combination. The diameter of the tire I can be calculated by the following formula.


(Tire Width)*(Tire profile)*2 + (Rim diameter) Here, the "Tire profile" is tire aspect ratio.


How to add new Rim set:


  Reveal hidden contents


When you click the ADD button, the Rim list will open. After selecting the appropriate set of rims, to add onto the list of VPE click the "Add this combination" button or double-click on the list.

There are unused rim, the vehicle ID to which they are assigned is indicated by negative numbers. Since they are not in use, it seems to affect risk is not in the other vehicle. So, I think that they are suitable for use in MOD.



Removing assigned rim set:


  Reveal hidden contents


Click "Remove" button. Deleted rim set is assigned to the vehicle id 999.




Basis of how to add a vehicle to the new slot:

  Reveal hidden contents

After editing desired items, on the "Miscellaneous" page ..

1. Set the file name.

These file names will be the basis for the file name of the sound, 3d models and HUD. For example, if you write "z4", file names such as "z4.bnk", "z4_i.bnk","z4_med.bnk" and "z4_high.bnk" will be generated.

2. Put a check mark in the flag "isValidPC"

If you forget this, it will not be displayed on dealer shop.

3. Re-set the combination of ID number if necessary.

4. Click "Apply" button to complete all changes, ant then quit tdu2vpe.exe once.


After that, restart tdu2vpe.exe. Then..

5. Load vehivle data want to change assignment of the dealer slot.

6. Open the "Dealership" page.., After selecting a dealer, put a check mark in the empty slot.

7. Click on the "Add the current vehicle .." button.

8. Finally, click on the "Apply" button.

If you forgot to press this button, all of the changes will not be reflected in the database.



About brand name change:

  Reveal hidden contents

Brand of vehicle can be changed using brand selector. If the brand not be listed in the brand selector, use "Brand name editor".

Using the brand name editing function, you can redefine the unnecessary brand name as the desired brand name. Once you redefine the brand name, it will be able to be treated as a normal brand from the next.

Caution! Change of brand name by this feature will affect all vehicles.



How to set a sticker file name:

  Reveal hidden contents

Using tdu2vpe;

- Open the tab page by following the "Miscellaneous"-"Sensitive data"-"file name definition".

- Write the file name to the column "sticker file name".

- Click "Apply" button.


Prepare a file for the sticker;

- File must be a file format of xx.2db. You can convert dds-2db format using Knyazev's TDUMT II - Texture Tools [v0.3]

- Put xx.2db file to the folder "TDU2 root folder\ Euro\Bnk\scenarics\stickers"



- If you put a sticker in this technique, the same sticker to all vehicles of the same model is attached.



About using the "Unreleased vehicle":

  Reveal hidden contents

-For the speed limitation 69km/h:

Open the Misc-All items, please set the values of the following three items.

traction_control --> 1 (0 or 1)

TC_SlipRatioHypersport --> -1

TC_SlipRatioSecure --> -1

TC_SlipRatioSport --> 0.1


-For the matter by which a brake doesn't work.

Open the Brake performance, please set the value for each item of "Brake slip ratio".

The value which should be set consult the value of the other normal vehicles. Trial and error might be necessary.


It should be noted that part of the unreleased vehicle there is a case in the above matters is not required.

By clicking the "Unreleased" button appears in the upper right corner of the model name field, it is possible to automatically set the minimum necessary items above.







- To restore the db_data.cpr, open "Other command" in "Setting" page, there is a button to restore the DB.

Then restore all the settings back to the initial

I have 2 auto pack (1.8 and 2.0) and i wanted to know if i can chose cars from my 2 auto pack and just keep the best

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5 hours ago, Louis8719 said:

I have 2 auto pack (1.8 and 2.0) and i wanted to know if i can chose cars from my 2 auto pack and just keep the best

If the database version is UP0.4 or later, it should not be version dependent. However, I did not check in detail.

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4 hours ago, frannco1099 said:

Since "TestDrive2.exe" is not at version v034, not be able to handle. (#8_1), how do i fix this??


nvm, ive just found the exe, but how do i solve the no memory error?


The "db_data.cpr" file must also be a v034 file. The file version of "db_data.cpr" can be distinguished by the file size. For v034, the size should be 1192kb.

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35 minutes ago, binbow said:

The "db_data.cpr" file must also be a v034 file. The file version of "db_data.cpr" can be distinguished by the file size. For v034, the size should be 1192kb.

okay, im reinstalling the game cause my game was the 0.96 or something like that, hopefully the one that im downloading now is the correct one, thanks for the quick answer 🙂  , im new on this xd

one quick question, how can i make rims bigger?? the rim size doesnt change, only tyres do

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On 6/30/2020 at 10:38 AM, frannco1099 said:

one quick question, how can i make rims bigger?? the rim size doesnt change, only tyres do

Please wait a while,,,, I'll write later.

-- edit --

At the moment, you can only select the combinations described in the DB. 
If you want to apply a rim mod, you will need to replace that particular combination of rims.

How to change the rim size:
1. Open the "Tires/Rims" tab,
2. Select the code for your desired rim size in the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List".(by double clicking).

If the combination containing the rim of the desired size is not in the list, you can add it by.
- Click the Open DB Viewer button to open TireDBViewer and
- Find suitable set and double-click to select it.
The code set by the above operation will be added to the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List".

On TireDBViewer, if the vehicle ID number is set to negative, it meaned will be not used for any vehicle yet. So, selecting a set of them will avoid any impact on other vehicles.

Edited by binbow
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Hey there, I've been messing around with this tool for about an hour and nothing is working, I've tried unpacking the game (it's in a folder), reading through the pages of replies on here on people who have had a similar issue and everything I've tried isn't working. Every value I change does not show up in the game, the cars just stay standard. I've tried editing a variety of cars but yeah, just nothing. Help would be appreciated.

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Hi binbow, first of all, thanks for this great tool.

I'm working on adding some cars to unused car slots. First car I added was a Bentley Continental GT. As you might know, this car brand is not in the stock game. I was wondering, how do I add an extra car brand to the game? I know it is possible, since both the Unofficial Patch and Autopack add new brands to the game.

I assume its not as easy as in TDU1. How does it work?

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As for the brand name, as with any other vehicle, you can only replace the existing name.
You can replace a brand name by following the steps below.


1. Choose a brand name to replace
2. Enter new brand name
3. Click "Write to the data buffer" button
 With the above operation, 
4. the new brand name added earlier in the brand selector will be listed, so select it. 

Then click the "Apply" button to add the new brand to the game.

Edited by binbow
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Howdy love the tool,

Is there anyway to edit a car to be able to sell it in the game? Or a way to access a garage to delete it? After installing some AutoPacks a few of my cars got turned into Traffic cars and was wondering if I'd be able to edit their properties to allow them to show up either when you are buying a car and don't have space or money.



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