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StarGT : 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari F70 v.1.081a - added red/black/white leather, added DRL and Digital

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Nice one Sar :) I like when you add Custom tires, these PZeros just fit perfectly :D Custom LF factory plate looks great too :nods: Mod is brilliant ! Thanks a lot ;)





Only one little thing, just a detail, the exterior HUD is a bit weird. Digital are not very clear, I mean it's a bit easier to see them if the digits are white. Also they are a bit outside the HUD. But that's ok, don't worry :cool:

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It's looking fantastically awesome.

The lights are very good.

It looks really like they are shining against the iluminated glass from inside.

Also finally we have the laferrari with working doors and windows, wich is a great plus i find.

Greatly done. Thank you.


I came across a thought according to lightflare simulation.

You have linked a texture lightening up in the dashboard to the light function,

visible from inside the driving cabine in another carmod done by you.

Can't you, instead of putting it into the dashboard,

make it being a lightbeam texture put fitting into the front window instead ?

It should not iluminate all what is visible through the window normally,

but it could lighten up things that are important for driving at night.

You could give it a grey alpha , so it is half transparent, like that window dirt you know.

And for outside view or maybe for in cabine too,

i noticed the light fx file through a little gap can be seen from backwards too.

What if you put that modelwise more in front of the car and up.

The texture can be changed then again to be bigger, and being a beamflare.

As you are not using it anyways for the carlights , as to be seen in not only your carmods.

It would look weird from sideview, but from behind the wheel it could be awesome at night.

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1.08 released !!! Working digital, added DRL, added red/black/white leathers


tnx for this mod but


i have problem to use new mods in my TDU :(


folow this pic :




tnx for help me...

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