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StarGT : 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari F70 v.1.081a - added red/black/white leather, added DRL and Digital

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tnx for this mod but


i have problem to use new mods in my TDU :(


folow this pic :




tnx for help me...


Have you got Project Paradise ? If no, Download it here: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29561-Test-Drive-Unlimited-Project-Paradise-v003A-PUBLIC-BETA-AVAILABLE?

Extract d3d9.dll and paradise_launcher.exe in your main TDU folder (.../Program Files/Atari/Test Drive Unlimited), double click on paradise_laucher, Tick the BigBnk option and here you go ;)

Just let you know If your game is cracked, it won't work.

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Hey StarGT,

I answere your pm here.

For your agera you added a new light system.

Can you make a texture like this being the light indicator,

and put it into the window, instead of into the dashboard ?






I only wanted to know, if it is possible to link the light button with a texture (lightbeam)

showing up in the window, when light is activated, from inside driver cabin.


Also, when the light button is pressed, TWO things happen. Not only one.

The light's texture itself changes from dark texture to enlightened texture,

AND the light fx texture, wich is in common car, showes up.

Most modders don't use the light fx file, only the off and on headlight textures.

Can't we use the light fx making it a lightflare texture,

and set it more in front of the car ?

Then it would be also visible from inside car.

I mean, you move the position of the light fx dummy somewhere, where it is not visible, because you don't want it.

Why not do the opposite, change it to a halftransparent lightbeamtexture like in the picture above,

and put it in a position, where it is visible.

Lightbeam connected to lightbutton. Done. ?




dont understand u, maybe in game screens






Its texture has a white alpha.

Otherwise the game's actually only really calculated lightsource, wich is the sun, couldn't play with it,

and make it, the windowdirt, disappear and appear, when driving away or towards the sun, or just changing angle to it.



The dirt is not working with Alpha, it is working by Multiply Add and UV#2


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